Why it is better to hire a PR agency when running a promotional campaign for your company

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 21st May 2019

With the phenomenal increase in startups competing for the same digital space as some of the well established companies, it soon became necessary for these new small firms to hire PR agencies to handle their various promotional campaigns. Simply put, these new firms, just cannot compete with the big companies when it comes running their various marketing campaigns effectively. But using a good PR firm can help these companies to even up the playing field to an extent. If you have just set up shop, and looking for ways to go head to toe with the big companies, then you may want to consider hiring a topĀ digital PR agency. Just check out the various reasons posted below.

Funding: Most start ups often require funding from investors; very few startups get funded right away. Instead, they often need to rely on PR firms to undertake some marketing and publicity campaigns on their behalf, so as to buildup an online presence, and in the process, impress investors. This should help them acquire the necessary funding which they can then use, to build up their company from scratch. The PR firm may suggest promotional bags, as a way to market your brand and to build up an online presence.

Image building: One of the key reasons that you would need to hire a competent PR firm, at the start is to build a narrative, one that can help develop your image. Whether you are a start up looking to manufacture and market a new form of renewable energies, as a viable alternative to the usual fuel or looking to develop new AI applications, you will find that you would still need to develop an image. This is done basically to help you connect with prospective customers and to help build a customer base which is all the more critical in the ecosystem of any startup.

Gain credibility: Yet another reason that you may want to hire a PR firm is that they can conceptualize marketing and publicity campaigns and in the process ensure that your brand sounds more credible in the long run. For example, the PR firm may suggest certain

promotional products in UK or few innovative promotional campaigns which can help you connect better with your customers and help build some brand credibility as well. For example, when Samsung came out with their first mobile phone, their PR firm immediately went on a publicity overdrive, with the end result that Samsung became one of the leading smartphone brands in under a year.

Innovative campaigns: PR firms are often known for their creative and out of the box campaigns. And that is all the more reason that you would want to hire a good PR firm right away, seeing how such innovative campaigns can get you the right sort of attention. For example, the Fevicol ad where a fisherman catches his daily catch using Fevicol became an instant hit, because it was simple, humorous and managed to convey the underlying message, quite simply. , and it went on to make Fevicol a top selling product in the Indian market for the next few months.

Negative feedback: Hiring a good PR firm is not all about getting the word out or helping to build up your brand. It is also about handing any negative feedback that you may come across and several start ups had managed some of the initial false starts, negative feedbacks thanks to the efforts of their PR firm. This is yet another reason that you would want to hire a good PR firm right away.

These are some of the reasons that you would want to hire a good PR firm. And with the right firm, you should be able to establish your presence online, get the word out and even help develop your customer base from scratch.

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