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Why Should Businesses Pay an Additional Buck for Managed WordPress Hosting?

by Josh Biggs in Business on 5th October 2018

If there’s one standard rule about technology it is that one always gets what they pay for. If you want premium resources, you must pay the premium price. Otherwise, if you are fine being average, there are innumerable free options. Take WordPress for example. Open to all, this is the most popular content creation platform in the world today. While you can use a free, basic blog with WordPress.com, you need to have a properly managed hosting service if you want a cutting-edge website with WordPress. Despite the increasing demand for managed WP hosting, site owners are still unsure if it is worthwhile to pay for the managed services.

Why pay extra?

Let’s consider this- you start creating content on a free WP blog that has limited features. But the outcome is not what you expected and you consider creating a premium looking website out of it. That is when you need the services and support of a managed WP Hosting service.  Whether you are looking for advanced features on your WP site, or need to manage your site traffic, load, and keep its performance at best, then managed WordPress Hosting plans are just what you need and should opt for. So, the cost that comes with a managed hosting is not ‘extra’ but rather commensurate with the benefits that you will derive out of the service.

To define it in details, here are a few good reasons to pay for managed WP hosting:

1.     Better site speed

Two seconds is what it takes for your site’s visitor to decide whether they want to continue with your site or leave the page. With managed hosting, you get an optimized site configuration, which lets the pages load faster and increase the response time of your WP site, so you never lose a visitor.

2. Higher Security

Although WordPress has its free security tools which you can run yourself, a professional website needs professional level security. After all, your website holds a lot of important data and information which you cannot compromise on. Managed hosting offers regular scans of your WP website and checks for malware or viruses. You can also avail the benefits of advanced security tools that your hosting provider offers.

3. Round-the-clock support

Every great technology needs a great backend support. To be able to manage, run, and troubleshoot your WP website all across, you need a technical expert who is always available on call, chat, or email to answer your queries and address your concerns. Thankfully, managed hosting services come with 24×7 interactive support from tech experts.

4. Automatic updates

A dynamic platform like WordPress needs to be constantly upgraded to yield the best output. Hence regular updates. But if you have to manually do this on a regular basis, chances are that you might miss a few major updates, causing a roadblock to the site’s performance. With a managed WP service, you can be assured since your hosting service offers automatic updates of the WP core, major plugins, themes, etc. thus keeping your site up and running at all times.

To sum up…

Your website is a valuable business asset and you need it to be in good hands, even if it means paying a few extra bucks. With the right hosting partner and an effective WordPress Hosting Plan, you can boost your website’s performance which not only yields more traffic but helps in more conversions.


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