Why to Choose SDC Verifier for Industry Code Checking

by Josh Biggs in Software on 11th June 2021

SDC Verifier is a renowned company which provides various services of industrial code checking and structure verification. It helps to ensure long-lasting service of construction equipment, offshore and maritime constructions, heavy lift machinery, and port cranes, etc. SDC Verifier uses unique software tools to enhance the calculation using Finite Element Method with a possibility to verify structures for material fatigue, plate buckling, and perform member checks as well as to calculate models with Finite Element Method. Visit the website sdcverifier.com to learn more about the software tools that SDC Verifier uses.

Reliable Structural Calculations and Code Checking

SDC Verifier has a highly qualified team of engineers and software developers who use the cutting-edge Finite Element solutions and the home-built code checking program SDC Verifier to elaborate customized solutions for a wide range of engineering problems.

SDC Verifier offers high-quality engineering and software services which include:

  • static analysis;
  • non-linear calculations;
  • normal modes frequencies;
  • fatigue and residual lifetime calculations;
  • deflection checks;
  • buckling of beams and plates;
  • bolts and connections checks;
  • static stress checks;
  • structure checks using digital twins.

Benefits of SDC Verifier Use for Your Business

  1. It works with industry dedicated solutions. SDC Verifier has developed special solutions geared towards the particular needs of various industries. Whether it is the maritime sector, oil and gas industry or the crane and civil engineering, SDC Verified utilizes specific models for structural checking suited optimally for each of the industries.
  2. It offers complete verification of the model. SDC Verifier works with the holistic verification procedure which can be saved and applied anew to an updated model. No matter how many times the model design is modified, it is possible to inspect a model relatively quickly thanks to the automated check.
  3. It allows detection of potential issues at the early design stages. SDC Verifier performs an overall structural check on every stage of design to study the impact of design modification on all structural elements and functioning.
  4. It helps to reduce deadline pressure. Because it is possible to save the complete calculation procedure, the customers can gain time in the final design phase. The latest changes might be included in the final documentation thanks to the automatic customized report regeneration.
  5. It is aimed at overall verification given the existing standards. SDC works with a wide scope of the internationally recognized industry standards such as AISC 360-10 FEM 1.001, Eurocode 3, EN 13001, DIN 15018, ISO 19902, FKM Version 6, ABS Plate Buckling, and many more.
  6. It enables predefined and customizable checks. To save time and avoid routine, SDC has lots of directly available checks such as plate and beam buckling, Fatigue, Deflection, and tools like Moment and Shear Force graphs or Peak Finder. This allows to focus on engineering tasks instead of repetitive calculations and reporting. 

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