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Why you should use mobile to build brand loyalty?

by Josh Biggs in Mobile on 4th October 2018

Brand loyalty is the goal of every business that wants to beat competition. But, it comes through hard work, dedication and resilience. The fact that we live in a digital age somehow complicate things. The catch here is that as technology and information remain the center pieces of today’s marketing and advertising campaigns, succeeding in building strong brands calls for adaptability, flexibility and versatility. The big question is how are you coping with the newfound ways of doing things now that students too can find cheap term papers online using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets?

This post will shortly explore how you can use mobile gadgets to build brand loyalty. But, first things first, let’s clarify a few things.

What is brand loyalty?

Doing business in this digital age isn’t easy, and factoring in the fact that most of your activities will take place on web-based platforms such as social media and blogs means one must craft a working strategy, which of course, begins with putting up a team to look into the real issues professionally. Their recommendations thereof should help you not only implement one or two, but, many strategies which should include tapping into the widespread use of mobile gadgets to build a dependable list of clients.

In retrospect, marketing, advertising and selling have come a long way, and today, a business that doesn’t have a list of customers is doomed to fail. Thus, brand loyalty is defined as a tendency where clients/consumers continuously buy a certain brand instead of others. Businesses that build and foster strong relationships with clients are always going to stay on top their game hence more loyalty towards their products and services win hearts.

Most of the times, achieving this important milestone depends on how you treat customers. A good relationship means you will have a competitive advantage over other businesses. However, as they say, marketing is a continuous activity, and given that it aims to build relationships through active engagement with clients, giving our free coupons, discounts and sweepstakes are only but a few ways of going about it.

Why use mobile in building brand loyalty?

There are many explanations as to why this is important, but let’s focus on the most important ones. Take a look.

·       Mobile makes it easy to personalize products

For a long time, most of data-driven offers were cut out of loyalty card use. However, things are changing fast, and with big data setting pace in consumer behavior analytics, it is not far-fetched to say that businesses now tailor products to suit the needs of specific clients and deliver it right into the devices. The pages you visit, product you frequently view online, and the content with which you interact play a significant role here. When this information is fully tapped into, it is easy to build brand loyalty by providing clients with what they need right on time.

·       Build a loyalty base with mobile pay

Recent statistics show that mobile pay now runs into billions of dollars annually. It means, customers are slowly developing a taste for making quick payments using mobile Apps. And, with a projection that value will hit close to $35 by 2019, it doesn’t get any better for businesses that want to tap into the buying potential of buyers preferring mobile to smartcards.

It, therefore, means that companies should start building their pay Apps to avoid missing out on this important group of people. To strengthen their loyalty, there ought to be rewards for every payment via mobile. Samsung, Android and Starbucks mobile pay are some of the highest rated today, and with loyalty rewards coming hot on the heels of these innovations, there is no better way of stepping into the future with happy loyal customers.  It is also noteworthy that students who buy dissertations online too prefer agencies that offer mobile pay options to those that are still stuck with credit/debit card cash remittances.

·       More precise customer targeting with mobile ads

Even as we prepare for a future where augmented reality and virtual reality will play significance in both marketing and advertising, it is important to note that mobile devices will be part of the equation. Given their convenience, any argument that supports mobile ads is not only futurist, but also advocates for the most optimistic way of building brand loyalty. It is an approach that has seen companies put together tools that help harness strong relationships with clients, create needs, reward responses and stimulate desires through hard-to-resist mobile-centered offers.

·       More people are shopping on mobile gadgets

Today’s generation is one that doesn’t want to go out into stores to pick items from shelves. And bearing in mind that a giant online store like Amazon has an App that gives buyers all the convenience they need when purchasing products then wait for doorstep delivery, building brand loyalty is now easy when you target those who browse items online via mobile devices. It means, as popularity of mobile shopping Apps soar, so will the list of loyal clients keep expanding.

The bottom line

Using mobile to build brand loyalty is not only the most effective way of tapping into purchasing power of millions of people owning tablets and smartphones, but also a great way of winning their trust and loyalty. When you continuously avail offers, rewards, and personalized content through mobile devices, consumers feel you care about their needs.  In a nutshell, it is time to go mobile, invest in it, and witness an exponential growth in brand loyalty.




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