Why Your Small Business Needs Raspberry Pi

by Josh Biggs in Business on 28th April 2021

Small business launches boomed in the last year. With people furloughed or made redundant, many decided to turn their newly acquired free time to upskill and launch businesses with the UK easing lockdown and opening for business once more

In this new world, businesses need to remain adaptable, count every penny and innovate for a digital future. With so many people now connecting with their favourite businesses digitally, having a robust and nimble computing system is vital for your small business. 

The Raspberry Pi 4 could be just that. The micro computer can be adapted, recoded and reconfigured at your leisure. Here’s why your small business needs at least on Raspberry Pi 4 and how you could use it to boost your small business. 

It’s affordable

Keeping costs low is important for small businesses and Raspberry Pi 4 is well known to be an affordable product. Much more so than a traditional computer set up, for around £100 you can get a Raspberry Pi 4 starter pack to set up your business’s computer needs. A starter pack also helps you to save money on additional equipment. 

Single Raspberry Pi 4 units are even cheaper, helping you to save your small business some money. 

It’s easy to use

Raspberry Pi has garnered an enviable reputation due to how easy it is to use. Schools across the UK use Raspberry Pi to teach children to program and code. They are incredibly easy for adults to use as well, with many tutorials and how-to guides to follow online. 

Learning new skills is vital for small business owners. The more skills you learn, the less you will have to rely on outsourcing tasks or employing staff.

It’s energy friendly

For eco-minded small businesses, the Raspberry Pi 4 is a great alternative to traditional and large computer systems. The Raspberry Pi 4 uses less energy which is great for the environment and great for your small business’s bottom line. 

Switching over to a Raspberry Pi 4 computer system could help your business meet its eco goals and save more cash.

It’s multifunctional

A Raspberry Pi 4 has a multitude of uses for small businesses. You could set up many systems saving your small business time and money. For example, you can create a custom email server using one. 

Raspberry Pis have also been used to create complex VPNs and even used as Wi-Fi routers. The possibilities for your small business could be opened up wide by the humble Raspberry Pi 4.

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