Your Essential Guide to Creating a Great Logo for Your Member Club

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 27th May 2020

Logos are great at establishing your solid identity as a sports club, and if you haven’t already got one, it’s time for you to work on one now. But while we all know that logos are beneficial in other ways – they can unify your team and encourage more support from your fans, and they can also make you instantly memorable and recognisable – there is a specific way of designing a logo that you should know about as well. You can’t just jump into the design process without much thought or preparation, and there are some aspects you have to think carefully about, too. Here, then, is your essential guide to coming up with a great logo for your sports club.

Do the proper research

The first step to designing your sports club logo is to do the proper research. You can do so by simply typing an image search in a search engine like Google for logos for your specific sport. If you play football, then look for football club logos. There are also more than a few sites that can give you design inspiration for your logo, and you can easily access these sites and view specific samples from which to take notes. By looking at different logo samples, you can come up with some rough ideas for your design, but you can narrow down your ideas further by thinking about what you would like to follow or imitate, how you can improve an existing design, and what elements you would prefer to include.

Think of different kinds

When you are doing your research, think about the different kinds of logos that are already out there as well. These logos might include either abstract symbols or images or logotypes which are based on font, and you will find that most sports clubs will have a mixture of the two. Bear in mind that logos comprised of only images are often used for businesses with a lot of branding, but a logo with just a name usually lacks the power of recognition and association. It would be a brilliant idea to create a logo that’s a mix of an image or symbol and a name. It’s essential to design a logo that you can relate to, but you may also want to ask your staff and team for their opinion so that you can gather their views and work on it together. There are various membership softwares that allow you to send out a group email which would serve this purpose.

Consider the fonts

The fonts you choose for your sports club logo are important as well, and it also pays to do a bit of research on which fonts would work best for you. You can also access websites featuring various collections of fonts so you can view them and see which appeals to you, but you can find fonts more specific to your sport by searching for your sport and then adding the word ‘fonts’.

Once you get a better idea of what logo to create, note it down. The more designs you can come up with, the better – but here’s another tip: concentrate on the logo’s shape more than the colour, as you will incorporate your team colours into the logo in the end, anyway.

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