10 Highly Recommended Facebook Groups for Coders in 2019

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 24th April 2019

From a Harvard dorm room to the biggest social media platform with 2 billon+ users, Facebook has come a long way. Originally created for Harvard community, it extended to other Ivy league schools and the rest is history.

Decades later, Facebook has become the market leader and one of the four most valuable companies in the world. The network was created to connect people and provide a platform where individuals including coders, can get support, network and learn from each other.

For many, coding is a time consuming, mind messing job, but with the right tools and team(s) it can be fun all the way. This is possible when you find the right group of like minded coders. And there are many of them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Facebook vs. Pinterest vs. Instagram

oberloThe chart above shows there were over 2 billion active Facebook users as of Q4 2018. It is the first social network to reach such high. Among these users are people who either code or want to learn the code. Pinterest and Instagram in comparison have over 1.3 billion users between them, which still trails Facebook.

The Google Trends chart below puts it in perspective.

Google Trends of Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Pinterest

Source: Google Trends

From the charts, it is clear that Facebook towers above Pinterest and Instagram, with the latter giving Facebook a run for its money.

In this post we’ll be highlighting some coders and groups you should be following or join if you’re a coder, but before that let’s see

Some Key Facebook Stats.

  • As of Q3 2018, Facebook had over 2.27billion active users (Source: Facebook).
  • Mobile daily active users are in excess of 1 billion (Source: Facebook).
  • ¬†About 1.5billion people log on to Facebook daily.
  • Over 25% of world population use Facebook (Source: Facebook).
  • Over 500 000 people sign up on Facebook everyday (Source: Facebook).
  • Over 307 million people are on Facebook in Europe (Source: Search Engine Journal).
  • Over 300 million pictures are uploaded everyday. (Source: Gizmodo).
  • Per 60s on Facebook there are over 500,000 comments, 293,000 status updates and 136,000 photo uploads. (Source: The Social Skinny)
  • 50% of people age 18-24 check Facebook as they wake up (The Social Skinny)
  • Average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes (Source: Infodockets)

Top Computer Programmers You Should be Following on Facebook

Below is a list of top computer programmers with pages on Facebook, including their profile, number of followers and number of page likes.

  Name Profile No. of Page likes No. of followers
1 John Carmack Game developer, cofounder of ID software and pioneer of revolutionary computer graphic techniques 6,826 6746
2 Gennady Korotkevich Sport programmer, youngest participant in the International Olympiad in informatics, winner of 2014 Facebook hacker cup. 10,868 10965
3 Linus Torvalds Creator of Linux kernel; an open source operating software. 45483 45885
4 Anders Hejlsberg Chief designer of the C+ language and one of the main participants in the development of Microsoft .NET framework 914 919
5 Ken Thompson Designed the original Unix operating software. Coinventor of the Go programming language 1720 1716
6 Guido Van Rossum Author of the python programming language. Currently works at google 304 313
7 Ruchi Sanghvi First female Engineer at Facebook 46894


Facebook Groups and How they Help

Facebook has helped to connect people in ways no other social network has. One of such ways is the group feature, which launched on May 24, 2007 as a means for people to discuss and socialize around a particular topic and also provide support.

The group feature allows users create groups. Other users can join in to read or post and interact with other members of the group. Users with common hobbies, careers, jobs, ideologies, etc, can come together to share relevant information.

Facebook groups can be a life saver if you need help or collaboration with more experienced hands on a project you’re handling. Coders can relate.

10 Benefits of Joining Facebook Coder Groups

  • Free and easy way to get focused feedback on your projects
  • Access to like minds that can help crack tough codes
  • Shortcut to coding mentorship and learning
  • Access to latest industry information
  • Best place to recruit app testers
  • Access to job opportunities
  • Ability to collaborate with other coders seeking help
  • Eliminates feelings of loneliness
  • Opportunities for team work
  • Networking and new friendships

Following are:

10 Facebook Groups Every Computer Programmer Should Check Out

  1. Web Design and Development

This is a public group with almost 500,000 members. It’s an open group, non-members

can have a glimpse of what goes on in the group and decide to join or not. A lot of job

advertisements and opportunities are available on the group page.

  1. PHP and Java Developers and Programmers

This is a closed group with over 200,000 members managed by 17 admins and moderators.

Post count is around 3000 a month. Being language specific, members can

only seek information on PHP and Java.

  1. Programming Geeks

A closed group with almost 90,000 members. It is run by a group of 8 moderators and


  1. 4. C+, C++, C#, Java, SQL, VB net, Python, MVC, Web Programming

A closed group dedicated to numerous programming languages. Intending members

have to answer few questions to join. The group averages about 4000 posts every month. It

363,035 members.

  1. Python Coding/Programming Self-Instruction Hub

Closed group with 122,233 members. The group renders help to individuals that are

interested in python coding-programming. It averages about 5000 posts every month.

  1. HTML CSS Javascript

Over 97,000 members are registered on this group. It averages about 5000 posts monthly

with about 2000 members joining every month.

  1. Free Code Camp Earth

This is a public group created in 2017 and managed by a team of 12. There are 111,894

members. They discuss all things coding and also share accomplishments to inspire each other.

  1. Hacking and Coding Tutorials

This is a closed group of 82,865 members located in Croatia and the UK. It is a great place to

connect, share ideas and learn from real and certified programmers and hackers.

  1. Android App development

For computer programmers that are into Android app development, this is a great place to stay

updated and get information about Android applications.

  1. Swift Programming Language

This is a great place to learn about iOS apps. The group is located in Cupertino, California with

6389 members.


Joining a Facebook group is quite easy and straightforward. It is one of the easiest places

to get peer to peer support, network, learn and meet great coders (un)like you.


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