10 Packaging Tips when you are launching a new product

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 12th August 2019

Why does everyone across the globe get more excited when Apple, Microsoft or Samsung launches a new product? Most people will be eagerly waiting for the releases of a product. Their expectation of the new product begins from their commitment to the brand.

Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have already established their names in the market. Is there anyone who’s unaware of these brand names? Nobody right. These brands didn’t get famous overnight. Brands pay more attention to creating a standard product and customer’s satisfaction. Also, their team strongly focus on ‘How to launch the products in a compelling way’. Quality product with attractive packaging can together form a great impression. 

Introducing a new product or service is the first step for your success. It’s a crucial moment that requires care and attention. If you’re planning to launch a product in the market, you need to think out of the box. Have you ever heard about packaging company? These packaging companies can help in creative packaging and shipping supplies. They make your task even easier.

Building your brand with effective packaging design is undeniable. As per a recent study, 78% of customers admit that product packaging can influence a customer’s buying decision. That is whether to buy the product or not.


Know about your customers

Understanding your customers is the key to provide them with quality service which can turn to a positive relationship and new lead. Hurray!!! You’ve captured a new customer and lead.

However, understanding the consumer’s personality can be a daunting task. It often needs thoughtful research and analysis to know their decisions.

Knowing about your customer while launching a new product is the primary step. Your marketing team should know every detail about your customer.

Who are your potential audiences? Do they’re existing or new customer? Is the product is beneficial? What is the age group of the audience? Is the product is related to women’s, kids or men?

Your marketing team should work accurately, they need to research customers in every aspect. By knowing about potential customers can make other packaging decisions simpler.


Keep an eye on your competitors

It’s no secret every product has competition in this digital world. With respect to the product, the competition can vary from high to low.

  • Identify who are your competitors
  • What are the different product’s they’re selling
  • How they are distributing and delivering the products
  • How they’re displaying their products and services
  • Do they use a small or large box
  • What is the cost of each box

Understanding your competitors can help to create a great product and marketing stand-out. By conducting accurate competitive analysis will set your prices and product quality competitively.

Knowing about your competitors can improve the new product launching marketer to raise their product above the competitor.


Give the correct information about the product

During the process of packaging, are you providing accurate information about the product? Of course, your answer is YES. Today’s organizations are competing more on customer experience. With a small gap in customer’s experience can be an opportunity for your competitors to steal the spotlight as well as your potential customers.

Provide accurate detail about the product such as price, how to use, manufacturing and expiry date. Most of the customers are attracted by the product price. That can influence their design of the package. But don’t spend more amount on products that cost low.


Be logical

Every step that is performed will be determined as a trade experience while introducing a new product. The product packaging can manage your brand consistency.

Considering brand recognition, you need to know about

  • Brand value
  • Identity

These two key things are considered when your product is managing and maintaining the perfect packing design. The default product design concepts can be a brand name, logo, colour, tagline and typography. In order to add relevant values, you need to mention all these details on your product packaging.


Give your product a persona

If you’re thinking package design as just a common approach to deliver your product? You went wrong. To convey a message or your brand identity through new product, you need to consider as a person.

Have you ever created a persona during marketing? Many times right. This time you need to create a persona for your product. Here is where the brand personality comes into the picture.

By imagining your new product as a person. It will be flexible to design effective packaging that indicates the brand personality. Therefore it can resonate with your potential customers. Targeted audiences will notify that authenticity and approach toward your new product. Also, they feel the product is specially designed for them.


Select a proper channel

You have launched a product successfully!!! Done a great job. What next? It’s time for promoting your product. While launching a product it is important to choose the best medium for sharing the information of the product. Ofcourse, you can do in the beginning stages of your planning.

Many digital marketers make major mistakes while choosing the right channel. They should avoid preferring such type of channels that have less audience base. Because with less audience base you cannot promote the product to maximum people. In a few cases, your product may not be related to the audience. When your audience doesn’t have knowledge about your product, it cannot impress the audience.

Marketers need to select the right channel for the targeted audience. The channels can be a website, blog post, email marketing, social media platform to promote your product.


Take the help of influencers to analyze product

Customers are having clarity about whether to purchase the product or not. Because nowadays customer’s are having in-depth knowledge about existing and new products. If you’ve launched a quality product and impress your customer’s, they will place an order. It sounds like ‘traditional marketing’ approach – “word of mouth. In such way, if the product is good looking and convenient, customers will surely prefer.

It’s no secret before purchasing a product, customer will visit a website, read reviews and rating. Make sure your product has positive reviews online. If there are positive reviews about the product, then it’s time to purchase. Few customers can follow their friends and family decisions who are active online. 


Add some entertainment

Who doesn’t love the word entertainment? Everyone right. Entertaining is such a pleasant endeavour prefered by all age groups. Kids get entertained by watching cartoon and adults get entertained by listening to music.

While considering product packaging, there are no such restrictions that enforce being entertaining and exciting with consumers. The marketing team doesn’t require to manage only on specific labels and package designing cost. The packaging specialist should always focus on adding a humour touch to the packaging can maintain a close connection with customers. By including entertainment in packaging can pull maximum customers to use the product.


Trigger emotional engagement

Customers can interact more when a brand makes them feel special. When you’re on the way, someone starts staring at you. You maintain eye contact with that person right. It’s the nature of an attraction.

There is nothing more effective in product packaging rather than eye contact. Design your product packing in such a way that audiences cannot take away there from the product.

A customer is likely to re-order the product when they’re connected emotionally with the product.


Keep it simple and understandable

Whenever you’re working on a creative task such as designing packaging for a product, always remember the rule “Less is More”. You could’ve heard this rule many times. Well, it’s time to implement the rule while designing your label. It’s sounds good to be unique and creative while designing a product.

The package and label must be clear and simple. If your label is simple, doesn’t mean that you need to hide the product information. Provide relevant details on your product package.


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