10 Reasons and ways a mascot can help your marketing

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 16th April 2019

Did you ever participate in a marathon? What is the most awe-inspiring thing you came across visually? Wow! it’s a mascot. Feeling that emotional touch and want to take a selfie.

This is what most companies trying to incorporate into their marketing strategy. They are standing out by bootstrapping their budget and going crazy with mascot marketing tactics. A unique idea that hits companies is a mascot itself. Build a brand awareness monster with this tactic.

Now, that idea has struck your mind revitalize your hard earned money with a mix of a mascot costume.

Need for investing in the mascot costume

Just to answer your question, why organizations invest in custom mascot costumes. They are walking, touching and alive by making an emotional connection. They are everywhere on social media. As said above, your potential customers can take selfies and post it in social media. This emotional connection triggers your users and increases the value of products or brands. Hence designing your own mascot is an expressing your love towards your brand and in turn customers.

Surely, this question has triggered your mind, right? Where to go for designing these custom mascots. Many companies appreciate your unique idea of designing and building mascot costumes. One such company is Hogtown Mascots that makes mascots for

  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Brands
  • Businesses and
  • For events

You can make your custom mascots in whatever place you are in such as the US, Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada.

Reasons for including a mascot in your business marketing strategy

Mascots, face of this competitive business world. Lend your brand a well-defined personality. Are custom made  based on

  • People
  • Anthropomorphic animals
  • personified objects

Businesses are designing this mascot and alluring. By seeing a mascot, your targeted customers are picturing your business in their mind map. When its time of checkout, they will think of your business first. In other words, your businesses will be their ultimate go-to brand.

Can you grasp this magnitude? Then dwell further and know the reasons.


     1. The audience get easily connected


Imagine a tiger comes to you, greets, and walks along with you. You feel thrilled and want to converse? Obviously, your answer will be yes, right.

Similarly, business builds its own brand mascots to inspire their targeted audience and engage in a beautiful conversation. They can be marketed in multiple platforms. It can be in any events, exhibitions or have an online presence. This mascot brings your products and people together and has a lasting memory in your mind.


  1. Symbol of spirit and energy for your company

Do you want your potential customers instantly connect with your brand? Did you ever realize the power of mascot? A mascot is just a fantastic caricature. It is used to project an organization’s goals and mission. It informs your audience about your business workings.

Equally important, mascot embodies the spirit of your company. It appeals and allures your prospective customers. You will be on top of the world. Entice your new customers and increase your revenue by adopting a mascot.


  1. Cost-effective

A well-designed and budget-friendly mascot can become your best friend. Implement in your sales and marketing strategies.

There is a myth underlying these mascots. Many big b’s are under the impression that it’s too expensive to invest in customizing and purchasing your own mascot. Do you believe this? This is not at all a truth.

Moreover, mascots are extremely cost-effective which acts like a spokescharacter. With mascot, you are endorsing your business at a personal level. Businesses generally endorse celebrities for promoting their brands, isn’t it? When compared to celebrity endorsements, mascots are way less expensive and efficient.


  1. Develops a positive impact

Do you want your customers to stand behind your brand that values their interests? Really, customers look for brands that fervours their interests and trust.

Though having a famous personality like athletes adds to your brand. Having a mascot would make you fall out of a competitive crowd. It is just like wearing branded clothes vs. off-brand clothes. Which do you prefer rests in your hands? After some period of time, there are chances of negativity when you endorse athletes or celebrities.

With a mascot, you can create a compelling business story. No need to worry about negative effects, during off-peak season.


  1. The true value of social media

Social media are like holy grain to increase your brand awareness. With mascots, it is much more noteworthy. Interview mascots, publish it on YouTube and go Viral. Perhaps give that celebrity treatment. Assist your mascots with two bodyguards, buy sunglasses and let them wear it. Have a ramp walk on a red carpet just like going for an event. Make your mascot to be a part of your marketing strategy. Communicate and share stories of mascot in

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Pinterest
  • And others

Have a selfie contest and rank among top ten lists. Give away prizes and include fun activities for children and kids to play with your mascot.


  1. Mascots as goodies

Not only mascots serve as promotional offers, but they are also given as free giveaways. Come explore, mascot capabilities! They can be created as any kind you can imagine. From coin banks to racing sausages. From bobble-head figures to mastodons. You name it, and they have it. Mascots can be found and sold near retail vendors, brick-mortar shops and online.

These can be given to kids or to adults as a gift. Even when you conduct trade shows. They can be a constant reminder once they are in your buyer’s home.


  1. Mascots surprisingly make you stand out

Tradeshows whether big or small can be a great way for spreading your brand message. Attract new customers. Events are competitive space where many companies are trying to catch hold of the gold.

In this space, mascots can be very helpful to make your brand or organization stand out. With the appropriate character and story, your mascot can live a longer life. Engage your audience and be a remarkable brand.

Whether it is a community event, or an industrial exhibition use it to boost your presence. A custom mascot is an excellent idea to stand out. Grab people’s attention and bring your audience closer.


  1. Aim at your brand personality

Merely creating your brand avatar is not just enough for success. The ingenious mascot has to be aligned with businesses nature. Take time to think about a character that personifies your brand. For this just jot down all characteristics which suit your brand. A high-quality custom mascot needs to contemplate by a reputable maker. While jotting down points take into few considerations such as

  • Colours
  • Tone
  • Everyday mood
  • Personality
  • Voice  and
  • Primarily your business mission and vision

Concentrating on these little things will make your brand exceptional. It’s like taking your flight to your favourite destination. This is like showing a real personality that is a real face for your product or brand.  


  1. Make it more fun and alive to look at

Are you stuck in traffic? Bored of these hoardings? Can sense you! Happily check eye-catching mascots which are alive built by businesses.

These are designed by businesses and made these as a hero! Your potential audience adores watching once the drama unfolds. Having a relatable character is an impressive strategy for driving sales.

Don’t assume that its impossible to do this. An admirable mascot turns out. Sometimes be creative and create that for yourself.

  1. Emotional Connection

In a competitive and bombarding world giving importance to money, time and attention are vital for business. On top of everything, real emotions cut through the thread and last longer.

Studies have shown that humans are hard-wired. As humans, we strive for that emotional connection. When businesses are reinforced by mascots that are exemplified as objects and animals help us form an emotional touch. Especially, if there are similarities exists. It becomes simpler to understand.

Because of this human tendency, it is obvious that mascots are so popular. essentially in promoting the brands. Emotional resonance which is deeply rooted stays in our mind for a longer duration. Thus mascots enable humans to form an emotional connection with an affiliated brand.



Mascots are the fictional representative which acts as a brand ambassador for your company. They are social media magnets, visible at the events or exhibitions. An enthusiastic, getting the crowd together and recognizable mascots are very useful for promoting your business.

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