10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Product Label

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 28th May 2020

The design of product labels plays a key role in marketing the products. In fact, they even have the power of making and breaking sales. A simple, unique, and attractive label on a product can grab the attention of customers and help you in winning over your competitors. So, all the time and money you have spent on designing the perfect product label, they are simply worth it. Also, whatever your product is, be it a beauty product, food, organic item, alcohol etc. all it needs is a beautiful product label to make the sales and mark your unique identity.

Especially, when your product is sold at in-stores, the product label impacts highly on sales rate. Over 70% of customers decide what to buy after putting their hands on various products. And at least a single consumer out of 10 replaces his/her brand every time. Wanna know how they decide to purchase a product from the sea of brands? It’s the product label. Because the product label isn’t just about the appealing design, it speaks a lot about the product such as uniqueness, benefits, and consumer experience through its graphics and slogans.

So, no matter if you have a small business or large, you should get label services from alliancegraphicsprinting.com who makes your product label more impressive in order to stand out from the crowd. Here are 10 best tips to create a stellar product label. Regardless of what industry your product is related to, the below tips are going to help you.

10 Best Tips for Creating a Brilliant Product Label

Gather the Info in Prior

No matter if you are a designer working on your client’s product label or a product owner who wanted to give complete data about your product label and expecting a beautiful outcome. You need to perform thorough research even before you put the pen on a paper. Wondering what do you need to extract from the research? The theme, strategy, colors, success formulas of product labels of successful brands. This process is called competitor analysis. You need to analyze your competitors as well as big brands in different niches to know what is trending and how it has become trending. You will definitely get some useful insights for what you are looking for.

The other most important thing is to make sure you know who your audiences are. Write down about your target customers, their age, gender, education, familiarity with you, and requirements. This will help you clearly understand what type of design you need to make to impress them. In a simple way, knowing your audience better will help you in choosing every single detail perfectly.

Make it Simple & Understandable

You might be craving your audience appreciation, but do not put every innovative idea on a single label. That will simply create a mess. Keep your product label as simple, as clear and as precise as possible. Because your consumers need to understand at least the useful information about what you are offering. So, a logo, a slogan, barcode, product description, warning, and contact information are more than enough on a simple background of the product label. Make sure the text, font, graphics and typography you use are not irritating to your audience’s eyes.

Colors Play a Dominant Role

In order to stand out from your competitors, you need to grab the attention of your audience right from the moment they glance at your product. As colors can seize the attention use detailed colors on the label design. Always stick with the universal rules of colors; yellow for banana, green for leaves etc. or else your consumers might get confused about the product. A product label should speak about your product, not confuse your consumers.

This doesn’t mean you should not experiment. As you can use multiple colors on the label design, try different shades, find out new combinations and pick the one that goes well with each other. But do not let the colors dominate the text and your logo as they are highly significant.

Choose Right Fonts

Try different fonts and pick the right font that looks classy and relevant to your product and the brand. For instance, if yours is an organic product, try to use the font that looks so natural. Fonts describe the value of your product. Seeing it, customers might relate it to the product. Also, never use more than two fonts, it may look clumsy. Choose the font that is easy to understand, readable, relevant, and consistent with your brand. Because people read and remember your slogans.

Go Beyond with Stickers

After you decide a design for your product label, you can use it either directly printing to the package of the product or print it on stickers and paste it to the product package. There are many printing companies such as The Printing House that print your beautiful product label onto stickers. This way you can go beyond sticking the labels to your products. You can use them on shopping bags, and sub-products to enhance your visibility and identity. Moreover, these are cost-effective.

Don’t Forget to Include Company’s Info

Along with your brand logo, slogan, bar code and warning message, you need to include your contact information. It makes it easy for consumers who are interested to reach you and share feedback. The company’s address and contact details also build trust among new customers or if you are a new brand. If you miss adding the company’s information on the product label you might either miss hearing your customer’s feedback or concern or lose the customers.

Keep it Relatable to your Brand

The product label needs to be unique, innovative, original, and attractive, agreed. But ensure you are not missing the connection with your brand. Keeping your product label consistent with the brand makes your consumers identify your product easily, especially if you are already a well-known brand. Thus you get a part of customers to your product without doing any marketing.

Highlight your Uniqueness

Your product needs to have a unique selling point. This is what makes your product stand out. Express your unique selling point either through text or graphics to make your consumers understand it clearly. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t have one, you can showcase the benefits of your product in the same way you do it to express your USP (unique selling point). Most brands miss this feature on their product label, and don’t sit in those brand’s lists. Discover the USP or benefits and showcase them confidently.

Use Standard Quality Products

People also look at the material you use along with your creativity of the label design. So, make sure you use high-quality packaging and stickers(in case if you are using). Never let your effort put into manufacturing the product and creating the label design go waste just because you can’t afford a little extra for standard quality material.

Add Arts to Make it More Lively

You need to leave some white space on your label design to make it easy for consumers to read and feel. But if you consider putting less text and graphics on the label, you can try using illustrations and arts on the white space. Creating the patterns that are relevant to the brand and product makes consumers connect with it faster. When you think none of the existing arts and illustrations relate to your product, then try creating your own and challenge your skills.

Key Takeaway

Having that said, your product label can make or break the sale, you need to test it before it goes live. Ask your friends, industry experts or loyal consumers about your test label to improve it further better. Don’t get discouraged if you are unable to bring an intellectual product label that has a deep meaning in it, the good news is that simple labels are also performing equally well. So, try to keep it as simple, as clear and as original as possible to make people go crazy about the product. A unique product label can create interest among people to know what’s inside. And keeping up the same quality of product will bring you repetitive customers.

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