3 Aspects of Your HR That You Must Leave to the Professionals

by Josh Biggs in Business, Tips on 3rd May 2023

Outsourcing is a major component of modern business and there are a huge number of debates and views held as to what should be outsourced and what should be kept core. There are, however, three clear aspects of your human resources (HR) that should be handed over to the professionals, unless you have a dedicated HR department.

1.Employee Rewards and Incentives

Those that work hardest should be paid best. This is the predominant way of thinking and yet doesn’t always work out in the world of business and industry. It is, therefore, critical to have a professional external company manage the system of employee rewards and incentives that are established in the company and that are separate from their main wages. It needs to be clearly defined from the outset of the contract with the employee but will be more respected and accepted if it is run by an external organization. The rationale is clear in the sense that an external firm will be regarded as fair and transparent. They will also have the time and know-how to institute a wide range of incentives based on staff feedback and communication. Anything from exciting trips and interesting travel rewards to pamper days out and health and wellness rewards can all be set up and managed by the right team of professionals.

2.Hiring and Firing

Having the HR systems in place or using a recruitment agency to do the hiring and firing of staff may sound like a cop-out but it is an accepted trend for those businesses that want to keep things simple. Having a professional able to discuss contract issues, performance, and termination of contracts can save you a great deal of time, money, and confusion. Leaving the hiring and firing to the outsourced professionals is also a way to save time, in that they will be able to do the research, resourcing, contacting, and even manage the interview process.

Keeping the hiring and firing external to the firm is also a means of keeping any politics and feelings of nepotism and favoritism out of the workplace. The team that is responsible for contract termination is not in the office space and, as such, there is also no tension or fear of those you work with.

3.Training and Development

There needs to be a huge amount of research and a serious cost-benefit analysis performed before your business spends huge amounts of time, money, and effort in designing and implementing a training and development program for staff. All staff will be at different stages of development and will need a wide range of skills based on the roles that they have in the company, as well as the overall needs of the firm. It is a complicated process and will be best implemented and instituted by those who know the sector and have the relevant networks to be able to implement a worthwhile staff development and training program.

These are all essential components or aspects of HR and also those that have been most noted as best implemented and established by a team of professionals who are external to your company.

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