3 Benefits of using Omnichannel solution for your Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 2nd August 2021

In a world where the customer is king, businesses must always ensure that their demands are met and that they are retained in order to remain competitive.

The issue is that today’s clients are more knowledgeable, demanding, and untrustworthy than ever. Their conduct has been dramatically altered by the development of social media as a communication channel. More and more businesses are relying on omnichannel to meet these new challenges! 

Improved Customer feedback

Companies must place consumers at the heart of their business approach in order to be successful in the future. There is no better way to do this than with an omnichannel approach. This approach seeks to gain a 360-degree perspective of each client in order to improve their purchasing experience.

Most companies typically have an empirical and historical understanding of their consumers’ habits and preferences. However technologies like online surveys, data analysis programs, and social media monitoring can provide extra insights by identifying sales patterns, reporting complaints, and revealing customer trends can all blended into a single omnichannel solution. 

Consumers are becoming more active participants in marketing initiatives, as they pick when, where, and how they view communications. Working “backwards” from a target audience, companies must decide the communication channels their contact center will use the most in order to attract, service, and convince consumers to purchase their product or service.

Customer journey optimization

Companies must have a presence on the internet. The usage of the different communication channels, however, must be well coordinated. Follow-up is required, and the company’s personnel must be skilled at using these numerous communication channels. Plus the information about the company and its products or service must be consistent and updated on their website, social medias, points of sales, and even in emails sent to consumers and prospects.

However, the presence of several contact channels should not be equated with chaos and that’s where Omnichannel approach plays a key role. In fact this technology allows easy interactions and enable a successful customer journey for the client who wants to migrate from one channel to another. For its part, their contact center must be able to quickly track the client via multiple channels and maintain a record of his interactions with the brand. 

Increased smart contact points

Mapping your clients’ purchasing paths helps you to discover the most relevant channels for your organization. Knowing your consumers is vital once again, since most companies cannot be present everywhere at 100%. That is why they must make informed decisions and choose a number of channels that appear relevant and accessible. Then, for each channel, they must identify communication possibilities with consumers. Is having a presence on Whatsapp, for example, relevant to your business?

Once a strategy is devised, companies can look for tasks that can be automated to save time. It is feasible, for example, to automatically send a request for a review online upon delivery of the products or to use social media retargeting to follow up on a visitor who has not completed his purchase. Companies may also consider sending an e-mail and publishing a message on social media when you publish a new item on your blog to alert your clients.

Data consolidation is everything

Once the data has been acquired, it must be kept in one location in order to provide a premium service. Omnichannel technologies can help centralize consumer data. Couples with a CRM system, it produces a centralized database to manage all existant customers.

As a result, companies have access to a centralized history of interactions with clients. In that regard, a omnichannel contact center solution allows to automate feedback gathering. To provide a consistent quality experience, regardless of time or place, each staff must be able to find a customer’s information in a matter of seconds.

To summarize, in order to implement successful omnichannel, businesses must centralize and mutualize all information into one system with access to the same information regardless of the point of interaction (physical or digital).

Such capabilities can be found within NobelBiz Omni+, a cloud contact center solution that provides true and seamless Omnichannel experience. Our software supports every communication channel and consolidates all client data, including: phone calls, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, Email, Web Chat, and Voicemail. Our software is also designed with a high level of customizability and scalability in mind with an impressive CRM and API integrations.

Furthermore, the OMNI+ Personalized Reports Engine allows businesses to harness the potential of data. Get trustworthy data from a variety of analytics and reporting solutions that give historical and real-time data that you can adjust to create complete performance reports.

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