3 Industries You Wouldn’t Guess Rely on Cloud Computing Daily

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 26th December 2019

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services; it includes servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over “the cloud,” which is essentially the internet. It’s faster and more flexible.

So do you think cloud computing is just for tech, finance, or other big data companies? Think again! There are plenty of businesses utilizing cloud computing daily that may surprise you. Let’s explore three!

1. Education Industry

Learners, both on and off school grounds, are connected through the cloud. Teaching has gone outside of the classroom, reaching mobile phones and computers at home.

According to CIO Review from the University of Cincinnati, the cloud allows students and faculty to share information, documents, and systems online and through any device. Through collaboration and partnership, data is shared securely. For example, universities with multiple locations or districts with many elementary or high schools need to access student data at any endpoint. Recruiting new faculty is another sector utilizing through using cloud-based software. 

Education is striving to be more nimble and agile in today’s world. We will see more uses of the cloud in schools, in addition to onboarding, recruitment, and management of data.

2. Restaurant Industry

Restaurants use cloud computing for their POS system. It allows the machines to talk to one another as well as create customized menus and more. A cloud based restaurant POS system, like ParTech’s, allows multiple endpoints to communicate with one another and store data that can be accessed from any terminal or corporate headquarters.

Cloud computing is helping restaurants keep their costs under control as well as with:

· Reservations

· Payments

· Predictive technology

The cloud allows users to configure reports quickly and from anywhere. Cloud deployment is rapid, and employees can learn it with ease.

3. Real Estate Industry

Not only are cloud data centers a part of a growing real estate trend, space-as-a-service is rising as a business real estate investment.

Spaces are rented, not owned, and then rented out to those who want to work there. Artificial intelligence has made it easier for the rise of the gig economy as well as freelancing and crowd-tasking. Workers no longer need to commute to offices to get the job done; spaces are rented and occupied through the use of cloud computing.

Real estate businesses using cloud services store their files and applications on external servers and access their data over the internet from anywhere in the world. It might be project development, financing, leasing or property management; mobile access to real estate data has become a game-changer in the industry.

Virtual data rooms have replaced physical data rooms and have become the standard for transparency and security. Rental contract databases, data analytics, and workflow in digital form are all being aided by the cloud today.

Ideas to Take Away

These three industries are now relying on secure cloud computing. As technology becomes more available, other sectors will find their way to this list. If you aren’t already, you may soon be using cloud computing as well. Or, maybe you are, and you don’t even realize it!

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