3 Rules to Help Develop and Remember Login Credentials

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 9th July 2020

The security of the various accounts you have relies entirely on how strong your passwords are. But, sadly, most people do not know how to develop such strong passwords. Leave alone creating the passwords, some are not in a position to even remember them! `you see, you can remain secure online when your login credentials are unique. If anyone gets your login details, then you might lose your account or even have your image tarnished.

So, it would be best if you had strong passwords for each of your accounts. This will go a long way in protecting your accounts. But can you develop a strong password and still recall it every time you want to log in? Well, do not worry. That takes you to point one below. 

  • Make Use Of a password manager?

A password manager helps create a strong password for you. It is such a great tool that helps remember the password for each of your accounts whenever you need them. Remember, a strong password is hard to guess, has more than 8 characters, contains various characters, special symbols and has numerals too. These password managers incorporate all these in your new password to make it strong. However, make sure you use a trusted password manager. Click here to get the best password manager for you. 

  • Make Use of longer passwords

It would help if you considered using long passwords. Most sites will accept passwords that range from 8 characters to 16. However, where there is no limit, you can use a long password as you can. However, it should be a password that you can remember if you do not use a password manager, which is highly recommended. Lastly, on this, make sure your password is 8 or more characters. That would be a nice password that is hard for others to guess. But consider using a password manager to help you manage the passwords. 

  • Stop Password recycling

It is not a good idea to reuse a password across various accounts. For example; you should not have a similar password for your bank account, Netflix and Gmail account. That is a terrible idea. You see, if an attacker gets just one of the passwords, they can do everything they want with all your other accounts. And that is why it is not good to recycle passwords. 

Also, you should not have passwords that you only add a prefix or suffix. For example; you should not have Mark1, Mark2, Mark3…as your passwords for various accounts. It is very easy to guess the next password. But if you use a strong password for each of your accounts, a hacker with one password can access other accounts.  


Passwords should be strong, hard to guess and unique to each of your accounts. As stated above, you should consider using a password manager to develop and store the passwords. Also, all your accounts should not be accessible using a single password. It would help if you had unique passwords for each of your accounts. So, make efforts to keep your accounts secure by adhering to all the recommendations meant in this article.

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