3 Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy and Encourage Repeat Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 25th February 2020

Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or an experienced business leader, and whatever sector you operate in, you’re sure to have noticed that today’s world of business and commerce is extremely competitive. To rise above your competitors, you’ll need a unique product or service that answers real consumer or business concerns, alongside an effective marketing strategy. You’ll also need to encourage repeat orders, so here are three tips to help you make your customers happy and keep them coming back for more.

1. Incentivize Their Return

We all love to get something for nothing, and whether you sell to consumers or business to business that goes for your customers too. Rewarding loyalty encourages loyalty, and it can be the most powerful brand building tool your company has. Encourage customers to provide an email address that you can then use to send discount vouchers to, or set up a points scheme that leads to discounts or free offers when a certain threshold has been reached. Remember, it’s always important not to spam customers with too many emails, but ones that contain genuine offers and discounts will always be welcome. Customers who receive discounts and free products on a product they love are also much more likely to tell their friends about it, helping to grow your customer base.

2. Improve Your Packaging and Deliveries

When customers order your products online, or when other businesses order your products in bulk, they want them to arrive as quickly as possible and expect them to arrive in perfect condition every time. That’s why your packaging is so important, especially as it’s often the first thing a customer or supplier will see of your product. To get perfect packaging that remains cost effective, it makes sense to look at the expert solutions from INSITE, the packaging automation professionals. Their groundbreaking package sealer ensures that each box, case or carton is sealed perfectly, and as it makes this process much quicker and more reliable, it means that your customers can receive their goods even quicker than before.

3. Make Customer Service a Priority

Customer service should be the cornerstone of your business, not an afterthought. Whether a customer contacts you with positive feedback, a question or a complaint, it’s essential that you listen to the message and respond in an appropriate and timely fashion. This is especially important in our social media age, when a complaint can easily be shared across large numbers of people. Answering and solving problems speedily can also help turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one, and every customer contact can give you vital information that you can use to drive your business forward.

Providing discount codes and free products to loyal customers, improving your packaging and speeding up delivery times, and answering all letters, emails and social media contacts quickly and effectively can rapidly increase your repeat business numbers. That can give you a competitive edge over your business rivals, as well as giving you a reputation as a business who always puts their customers first.

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