3 Ways to make your business more ‘lockdown friendly’

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 9th January 2021

Running a business, in general, is hard but fulfilling work. Add a global pandemic with strict restrictions of when and where not to go makes that hard and fulfilling work almost impossible. So how do we switch to an online platform that still carries forward what we do, and how do we develop our ways of delivery and service to match the guidelines installed for us to follow? 

These are not easy targets to reach by any means and will cost a lot of money to change and maintain. But the main question is, how do we do this in the most efficient way possible that benefits not only us but our customers too?

Well, the answer is this – there are many ways to make your business ‘lockdown friendly’. You just need to be inventive and resourceful, as well as resilient and organized. If you own a culinary business, you would switch to a pop-up restaurant and start delivering your products or create a drive-thru option for those who still want to eat out. 

If you own a club or an active sports business you might switch to sports social media to help people keep on track with your team and its members. It keeps your fanbase connected, and their support remains strong due to constant updates and events. 

It all depends on you and your business’s interests as to how you respond and what action you take. Some businesses have switched wholly onto online platforms to ensure all lockdown standards are met. Here are some ways you could make your business more ‘lockdown friendly’, no matter what your businesses interests may be:

Take care of your website

Give it a revamp, as it now has to not only represent but amplify your business. Have more informative and engaging content that’s free to read and create a community online. Also, if you have goods to sell, install an online shop to your website (using Shopify or similar) and have regular deals and sales for your subscribers. 

Get your social media presence booming

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – they will all help you build an online presence and keep in contact with your customers. This may also help with advertising campaigns. It also helps your future customers see reviews of your products, helps them to communicate with other buyers and lets them see the processes of the business. 

Set up events

In times like these, we need to keep customers coming back. This can be done through events and deals. Follow trends and hashtags and organize the main money-making events around these times – such as Halloween, Christmas, new year, Easter, and the summer break. Concentrate on influxes of interest towards certain products at certain times to really improve the connection you have with your customers and followers.

At the moment, communication is a strong link to have with your customers. You can be easily forgotten and sink into the background. Stay in contact with your customers, and they will remain loyal, benefiting you and your business. 

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