4 Awards that Recognize Private Equity Firms

by Josh Biggs in Software, Tech on 3rd July 2023

Private equity firms often go under the radar due to the nature of their business. Since most private equity firms don’t invest in public companies, there’s not much information about the successes they experience or the returns they make from their investments.

However, some associations and groups are starting to recognize private equity companies for their achievements. As the private equity market grows, you’ll likely see more awards for innovative companies that deliver results.

Here are four awards that regularly recognize private equity firms for what they do.

1. BluWave Top Private Equity Innovator Awards

Every year, BluWave announces Private Equity Innovator Awards, which highlight the achievements of private equity companies in the areas of due diligence, PE firm operations, ESG, and value creation. 

BluWave, a network for private equity firms, selects its honorees based on discussions with thought leaders in private equity, investment bankers, and limited partners. The BluWave network partners with over 500 private equity firms, which puts it in a unique position to understand each company’s strengths and weaknesses. 

These awards are based on reviews of over 5,000 private equity companies. Of the 5,000 firms, BluWave selects only the top 2% of high achievers across the U.S. and Canada.

BluWave selects dozens of private equity companies each year to acknowledge through these awards. Recipients gain recognition for their hard work and achievements in identifying prospective and scalable startups and mid-tier organizations and turning them into successful businesses with significant valuations.

In 2023, BluWave honored over 50 private equity companies, including a leading firm known for its excellence in value creation and reforming company operations. BluWave’s selection of top companies is entirely independent of any partnerships or services it provides the award-winning businesses.

2. Private Equity International Awards

Private Equity International is a magazine and news source for investors, investment bankers, and other stakeholders. Its writers regularly analyze current private equity deals, companies, and upcoming events. 

The publication focuses on global private equity activities, not just those in the U.S. or Canada. Accordingly, it’s an excellent resource for private equity firms around the world and continuously provides up-to-date information that’s quite valuable to private equity stakeholders.

Every year, Private Equity International honors top-performing private equity firms in categories that include energy, healthcare, technology, consumer private equity, impact investments, and large-cap and mid-market. 

Other award categories focus on the private equity firm’s region or country. For instance, Private Equity International gives an award to the private equity firm of the year in Japan, Australia, Germany, Italy, and the U.S.

The most recent Private Equity International Awards went to firms across 70 categories. You can see the winners for 2022 in this article.

3. The Drawdown Awards

The Drawdown Awards recognize private equity companies, vendors, suppliers, and firm leaders for their contributions in a number of areas, including technology, advisory, fund administration and financing, foreign exchange, and recruitment.

Sponsors of The Drawdown Awards include private equity funds and consultants like Vistra, PwC, and +Subscribe. This year’s awards ceremony was held on June 7 in London.

Award winners in each category are selected by various private capital fund executives, including COOs, CFOs, and CTOs. The purpose of The Drawdown Awards is to encourage enhanced service standards across the private equity sector.

4. Real Deals Private Equity Awards

The Real Deals Private Equity Awards is Europe’s longest-running private equity awards ceremony. Each year, thousands of guests gather to celebrate the achievements of recognized private equity firms.

Awards given by Real Deals include recognition for outstanding advisory, deals of the year, and venture capital growth, along with special awards that vary each year. Award winners receive credit for their substantial efforts in providing value for their firms and securing an increase in the value of their investments.

Sponsors of the 2023 Real Deals Private Equity Awards include Clearwater International, SMBC, Crosslake, Alpha, Zetland Capital, and GHO Capital. Nominees and winners attended this year’s London ceremony on April 20.

Private Equity Awards Recognize High Achievers 

Private equity firms often don’t get the recognition they deserve simply because they typically invest in privately held companies, so little is publicly known about their successes. 

However, the private equity and venture capital industry is growing significantly, and investors see the potential for significant returns when they invest in companies with solid promise.

Even though it has become more challenging to obtain the low-interest debt that many private equity firms rely on to acquire attractive prospects, private equity companies are still making deals and contributing significant value to the global economy. 

As the private equity industry continues to expand, you’ll likely see more attention focused on the companies creating value through strategic change and partnerships. 

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