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4 Entertainment Apps To Add To Your Smartphones

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 18th September 2020

If you’re like us, then it is safe to say that you have been at your wit’s end trying to make everything make sense in the middle of this global pandemic. Thank heavens for at-home entertainment, huh? With smartphones and the Internet, it’s very easy to get lost in a random conspiracy theory, binge-watch a whole new series, even listen to an obscure band’s entire discography. 

Are you looking for apps to get rid of boredom from staying at home? Well, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve collated some of the best mobile apps for your entertainment. So whether you have a trusty iPhone or a customized Android phone, getting the best apps to help you kill time is easy-peasy! These apps are guaranteed crowd-pleasers, and if the millions of downloads won’t do it for you, then at least give these apps a chance!. If you are interested to gain followers on Tiktok, you can get TikTok Followers from TikTokStorm.


Who doesn’t have Spotify these days? It’s arguably the world’s best music streaming service, as well as one of the cheapest among its peers. Spotify started the whole streaming music revolution, and it’s only fourteen years old! Yes, you’ve read that, right! One of the most shocking Spotify facts is that it was actually created in 2006 – and look at how successful it is nowadays!

If you still don’t have the app downloaded on your phone, you can easily find it in the Play and App Store. Of course, It’s a paid service, but free accounts still are a thing, and you can listen to your favorite artists without paying anything! You have to listen to ads, though. With a wide library of artists, Spotify is the world’s most used music streaming service. The app is easy to navigate as well, and there are pre-collated albums just for any mood you are in!


TikTok is essentially a social media platform that features video-heavy posts. It has become the social media platform of choice for the younger generation because of its challenges, dance filters, and creative video edits. “Make a TikTok” is a trend that would mean doing a fun or even intriguing video. 

There are millions of users all over the world, but TikTok seems to handle traffic excellently. The app has recently been the center of controversy because of bans from countries like India and possibly, the United States. However, the app seems to be faring well with the older crowd, millennials, even the over 40’s. If there is a perfect time to be silly, then this is it! Because of the global pandemic, you’re pretty much holed in your houses, so no better time to TikTok!

Pokemon Go!

What started out as one of the most anticipated games a few years back has solidified itself as a profitable business for its developers. Pokemon Go is one of those games that you can download (or redownload) to make your daily commute entertaining. The app is now full of new Pokemon from five regions, and Mega Evolution raids have just been announced! 

The app has also adjusted its rules for raiding and have come up with remote raids to make the fun continue without being in person! Egg incubation times are slashed as well, so it is easier to get a new Pokemon even when the only activity you have is a daily walk or a trip to the supermarket!  While the younger generation isn’t too keen on the game, interest has shifted from millennials, who were originally fans of the cartoon series, to 40-year-olds who like to keep active.


There’s nothing like a good sing-your-heart-out session to relieve your stress away. Even when you’re not particularly a singer, the WeSing app will turn you into a pop star! With millions of users worldwide, you can sing on your phone using your headphones, duet with the original singers of the song, or pair up with a random person from around the globe.

The song selection is broad as well – from pop, rock, to alternative – there’s even metal if that’s your jam. Plus, you can set yourself up to become better-sounding in the recording with the app’s tuning settings. Trust us when we say that with WeSing, you’ll discover your inner diva and/or rockstar! The app is available on both iOS and Android, and you only need an email to join.

De-stress using these apps

One of the more effective ways to keep stress at bay is to entertain yourself every day. Experts in work and human behaviors all agree that winding down is needed for a healthier body. Coupled with enough rest, then you’re pretty much set to take on another day. Tailor your habits to adjust to your needs. These entertainment apps should help you relax and de-stress after a long day of work.

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