4 Local Marketing Ideas You Need to Try for Your Small Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 13th July 2020

Want to increase your brand awareness and sales within the local markets? These 4 local marketing ideas are sure to inspire you.

Did you know it’s estimated that Google has over 200 factors of how to rank websites?

Trying to get your website to rank number one in the search results can have huge positive results for sales and conversions.

But it’s tricky to do it and SEO specialists are fighting an uphill battle to outrank competitors. Although, there are still many ways you can have local marketing success, both online and offline.

Every day people look for solutions to their problems and often they start off looking close to home.

In this article, we’re going to share with you simple local marketing ideas so you can start capitalizing on your local market and expand your customer base.

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1. Create a Google My Business Page

This is a must-have for any business which is trying to attract customers online.

It’s a completely free online listing to set up and it allows you to give more information to Google and potential customers. You can add products, services, and more importantly, locations you operate in.

You have likely seen Google My Business cards when reading search results. They often appear at the top of the page under a map.

Google shows the top three results and being number one can make a lot of difference to your conversion rate. SEO specialists also believe that having a fully optimized Google My Business is a positive ranking factor.

2. Localize Your Website

One of the ways Google determines how to rank websites is how relevant they’ll be to the person searching.

If somebody searches ‘best hairdressers in Houston’, Google needs to find hairdressers based in Houston and decide which one would be most beneficial.

To do this, it searches large amounts of web pages looking for keywords around hairdressing and Houston.

To improve your local results, you should start to add your location in several of your website pages. By doing this, Google can learn exactly where you operate and suggest you in search results.

3. Advertise On A Billboard

Billboards are one of the oldest forms of advertising but they still have relevance today.

If you can position yourself in a high traffic area, you have a high chance of gaining more business. Billboards along busy highways and digital billboards in airports can have a large ROI.

We recommend Clear Channel Outdoor who are experts in this area and who can help you generate more sales and leads.

4. Advertise On The Radio

This is a method that can be overlooked by many businesses put has many reasons for doing it.

Local radio stations can be listened to by thousands of people a week. If you can create a catchy jingle, it will be heard by these people over and over again.

They’ll most likely remember your company name and even check you out, even if it’s just out of curiosity.

There’s no doubt you should try it.

Best Local Marketing Ideas

We hope you liked our article on local marketing ideas and have learned some new methods that you can put into practice.

As you can see, there are so many options to market your brand locally, and often it can be inexpensive and quick to do. The more things you apply, the greater chance you have of seeing good results.

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