4 Ways to Prepare and Make Your Business Successful During the Holidays

by Josh Biggs in Business on 5th October 2021

Think the holidays are a bit far off? Think again. With barely three months to go, you should start making a holiday marketing strategy. It can be the difference between a profitable year or closing the doors. Making plans for the holiday is usually a year-long effort, with actual preparation beginning months in advance. If you’re yet to plan or look for working capital to boost your offer, now is the right time to begin making adjustments to your small business’ marketing efforts and holiday sales.

Whether you’re managing a retail business or a professional service, the holidays provide a great opportunity to connect with existing and potential customers. The holidays allow businesses to do something a little different. There’s virtually no limit in terms of what you can do with this new freedom, but here are a couple of ideas that will help you find your unique way to embrace the holiday season.

Give to receive. This can be more effective than any ad you can ever buy. Consumers love getting something. And what’s a better way to celebrate the season of giving in your business than offering customers something? Use this opportunity to make customers feel cherished, welcomed, and appreciated.

What you give your customers is up to you; an extra swag at the checkout counter, a card in the mail, or a special event. Regardless of the gift size, no one is going to give you a bad review for it! General benefits include enhanced customer loyalty and new leads! A smaller customer base lets you be more elaborate as you want.

Offer gift cards. Everyone loves gift cards, sometimes even better than actual gifts. This is especially amazing for unique or locally owned stores. Receiving a gift card to a store you’ve never visited before lets customers of the retail comfort zone and exposes them to a whole new shopping experience – that’s how most people react to it anyway. Your existing customers can be your best spokespeople. You can improve your exposure by equipping them with gift cards. If you have an e-commerce or retail business, gift cards can also be a good strategy for your small business during this busy travel time. When someone comes in with a $50 gift card, they may end up buying and spending more in-store.

Make the weather bearable. To some people, the holiday season can be uncomfortable. You can use this to your advantage by making your store comfy to your repeat and new customers. Ask your heating company to check your system to ensure that it’s working smoothly before the holidays.

Embrace the season. Let your creativity shine! Decorate your store, dress up your staff, make it memorable for everyone! If you have a website, ask your web design team to “winterize.” People will remember how they felt as they shop at your business. This is the perfect time to fill them with Christmas nostalgia as they walk through your doors.

Holiday marketing teaches us that making a lasting impression with your new and existing customers needs creativity and old-fashioned finesse. If you’re looking to finance your business upgrades in time for the holidays – or for whatever improvements you need, consider a working capital loan. If you’re using it to enhance processes and boost sales, then all the better.

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