5 Advantages of using user-generated content

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 5th July 2020

User-generated content is at the same age as the content itself. Companies have content generated from their users, which they use to attract more visitors. With so many digital forums available, the ability to publish content for free, the comments section on the blogs, etc. user-generated content always stays on the top. Online marketing has made it possible for companies to collect more content from their users online.  

Several businesses get user-generated content in unimaginable quantities. If appropriately leveraged, user-generated content will be a massive asset for the content creators of a company. There are several good reasons due to which user-generated content is recognized as hot and compelling. New visitors trust user-generated content more than they rely on traditional advertisements.  

When content marketers use user-generated content, it saves much time for their organization, and also financial resources. Credibility is boosted since content creation is outsourced to real-time users. They generate unique content that is hugely beneficial.  

Ohh, wait, there is more. User-generated content offers the following six benefits that help businesses achieve their goals.  

Taking advantages over the creation of content 

User-generated content is a part of the content creation family as well. Content curation involves sharing, sourcing, annotating, the most relevant and best third party content with your audience. If you are not aware of the advantages of content curation, know them to get you up to speed.  

  • Boost social media metrics 
  • Building brand awareness 
  • Streamline lead nurturing 
  • Establishing credibility 
  • Supporting lead generation.  

Get perks of SEO 

User-generated content can help companies with SEO to a great extent. According to the metrics, almost 25% of search results of the top 20 brands have links with user-generated content. Hence, you should not underestimate the power of user-generated content. Positive reviews from the consumers are also helpful in raising your SEO ranking.  

Even if your users publish your content on their website, backlinks to your website, it still generates a backlink.  

Gain Audience insights 

User-generated content is like a gold mine with tremendous data. The common advantage of it is often overlooked. You can generate key insights by observing the content generated by your audience. This way, you can understand your audience better and know what they find more interesting.  

Firstly, you should audit the content that is generated by your users, and know if they are complaining about anything or not. If it is the case, then you should work to look after the matter. 

If you are launching a user-generated content campaign, don’t forget that you need to align your channel, audience, and the entire format to ensure that your audience contributes.  

Get access to unique content 

Users will create unique content. They will not create content that is similar to the one created by another user. Your users produce distinct content for the marketing team. You should also take advantage of the outsider’s perspective. The photos, videos, and blog posts created by them offer a more fresh and varying point of view.  

Users keep the content interesting for other users. So, you will not have to worry about quality. UGC is a lot helpful in encouraging the new audience to join the fun and keeps the loyal ones engaged.  

Increased Personalization 

UGC has a crucial advantage of personalization. Users prefer personalized ads more and hence are believed to perform better over traditional ads. There is something in your company that compels them to create content. They engage with your company more, and you can use this knowledge in your marketing initiatives.  

Consumers resonate with more understandable content. They engage with content with which they can connect. If you leverage user-generated content, then it helps to enhance engagement and grow your audience. User-generated content is very cost-effective.  


Social media is considered to be a reliable source for marketers where they interact conveniently with their target audience. Customers and companies are benefited by user-generated content in one way or the other. UGC helps to steer the marketing campaigns in the correct way. It will help you to connect with your potential customers more than using any other content. We are living in a generation where users are the real advocates for brand awareness.  

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