5 Benefits of Giving Away Or Selling Reusable Bags At Your Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 27th October 2021

If you’ve been grocery shopping in the past decade or so, you’ve probably seen those reusable canvas bags that some stores have for their patrons. This is more than just an ongoing trend in stores. It’s actually a movement in and of itself into the future. In the past, grocery stores usually just offered paper bags or plastic bags. Unfortunately, plastic bags are kind of bad for the environment and paper bags generate excess waste. Plastic bags aren’t exactly the sturdiest or most durable carrying container, either. This is where reusable bags come in handy. They’re a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and carry your groceries without having excess bags. Plus, they can be used for other things besides groceries. If you’ve been looking to branch out your marketing strategy a little bit then you might want to consider looking at reusable bags as a possible promotional source. Here are a few benefits of going this route.

Less Wasteful

Taking care of the environment is a laudable cause, especially since it’s really the only one we have. Plastic bags are absolutely terrible for the environment. One of the best ways to reduce your impact on the environment as far as bags are concerned is to reuse them as often as possible. Some bags are made from renewable resources like jute, hemp, cotton. Others are made from recycled materials. Non-woven fabric is a consistently popular choice for these bags. Nylon and the amazing material, canvas, are also popular choices for sturdy reusable bags. Regardless of material, reusing a bag over and over will have a much smaller environmental impact and be less wasteful than using standard plastic bags from the store.

Boost Awareness of Your Business

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of using reusable bags, there’s actually quite a bit of benefit for selling/distributing them at your business. Consider this. Making custom reusable bags with your logo on them available to customers can end up acting as a unique marketing opportunity. The logo prominently displayed on your bag not only covertly advertises your brand whenever somebody is using the bag in public, it can generate impressions for your business. These impressions lead to increased visibility of your business to the public at large. When somebody sees the logo or custom message that you put on the bag, they may be more inclined to become a future customer. Ultimately, choosing your logo and customization wisely (maybe throw in your company’s tagline or slogan) can end up resulting in potential leads, conversions, and happy customers. You can also give away these bags along with other literature about your business when you go to trade shows or other events. That way, the customer gets a handy bag they can use for other stuff as well as getting a positive vibe from you.

High Value

A reusable bag isn’t a single use bag that gets discarded quickly. They provide a high value and ROI at every step along the way. First off, they can be used over and over again. This creates a much higher value for the customer. Using a reusable canvas tote bag or other reusable bags is the ideal way to reduce your carbon footprint as well. This is a better value for the environment. Not using plastic bags can even clean up a city’s pollution and reduce the amount of environmental waste in its water and streets. Finally, they help others find your business and have a more positive impression of it, making it higher value for your organization as well. That’s what you’d call a win-win situation.


When it comes to marketing and promotions, you definitely have to rein in your spending a little bit. Sinking too much money into one particular resource can lead to devastating consequences down the line. Luckily, reusable bags as a marketing plan are actually quite expensive. The typical bag only costs about 10 to 50 cents to produce. Then you can sell it for a dollar or more. That in and of itself makes for an inexpensive investment. Additionally, you can customize your bags and get them produced in smaller quantities to keep up with whatever the demand at your business might be. In this manner, you’re saving money while also effectively promoting your business and helping the environment / providing a quality service to your patrons.


Having a reusable bag when you go shopping, on a trip, or just need an extra bag for carrying supplies comes in pretty handy. Take the example of the grocery store for instance. Reusable bags make it much easier to load and unload groceries. When you go to the park or on a trip, a reusable bag can contain additional supplies you need. That makes it even more convenient. If you don’t have a lunch box or you need something in which to carry your food to the office, reusable bags come to the rescue once again. Ultimately there are many various ways to use these bags other than for shopping. The convenience factor is there along with the environmental benefits, making reusable bags a great decision for your business and customers alike. 

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