5 Careers in Demand for Marketing Professionals

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 22nd July 2021

Marketing is a diverse field. It includes everything from customer relationship management to search engine optimization to rearranging storefronts to maximize how much attention it gets. From a job outlook perspective, what marketing jobs have the brightest future? Which marketing jobs will result in positive salaries and strong career prospects? Here are 5 careers in demand for marketing professionals. 

Market Research Analyst 

Market research analysts are in high demand. This is partially due to the renewed appreciation of market segmentation. This is partially due to the skyrocketing amount of data collected as consumers use loyalty programs, interact with websites, and make purchases through mobile applications. Research analysts dissect and parse this data. They may create profiles of the average customer in a given market segment for marketers to better anticipate their needs and promote specific products to them. Additionally, market researchers analyze customer data to determine if there are underserved or undiscovered customer markets. A well-designed marketing campaign could increase sales in these demographics with relatively little information. Understanding how people are using your product could help you identify new markets for the product. Or you could use careful analysis of customer data to identify products on the decline, though the company will determine whether they need to adjust the marketing approach or invest in new products.

How can you prepare for a marketing analyst career? Consider a post-graduate degree with a data analytics emphasis. Then you’re ready to move into a field that’s projected to grow twenty percent over the next ten years, twice as fast as the job market as a whole. 

Communications Director 

Communication directors manage the messaging and branding of a company. These professionals oversee marketing campaigns and track the success of various marketing channels. While corporate communication directors are paid more, there is also a strong demand for communication directors in the non-profit sector. All communication directors are responsible for overseeing a staff of marketing professionals while making the most of the marketing budget. 

Business Development Managers 

Business development managers search for new business opportunities. This is vastly different from sales, though business development managers generally work with sales. For example, business development managers may be responsible for generating new leads, though that’s not all they do. It can include buying small companies that add to the company’s portfolio or entering into agreements to sell complementary products. Business development requires a thorough understanding of your product, competitor’s products, and the market in general. 

Public Relations 

Public relations specialists exist to maintain and control the public image of a company, organization, or product. They may be called in to repair the damage of a negative report, but they should be used to manage and shape the brand’s image in good times. Public relations professionals write press releases. The PR team also handles conducting media interviews or arrange interviews for key officials with the organization. Collaboration is key with a marketing team to ensure that the marketing campaigns reflect the company’s cultivated image. Public relations specialists should be involved in a company’s social media marketing department. Being involved in social media management may also work to undo the damage of a bad review or failed product launch. Demand for public relations specialists is expected to grow six percent over the next five years. 

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing includes everything from online ads to email marketing. It should include search engine optimization, review management, and social media posts. The head of digital marketing should work with the public relations department and the head of marketing. For some companies, digital marketing is the biggest marketing department. It may be the only marketing department, especially if you work in technology or for a startup. The overall field of digital marketing is growing several percent a year and surpasses the overall job market.

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