5 Cool Gadgets You Should Purchase For Your Business

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 18th July 2020

Most of us find it hard to imagine a single day without using technology or gadgets. The world of technology is continually evolving with new gadgets being introduced every day. From video doorbells to height adjustable desk control boxes, these gadgets can help solve some of your business problems, allowing you to concentrate on more important things. We’ve come up with a list of some of the coolest gadgets that you can purchase for your business to help you out:

  1. Height Adjustable Desk Control Box

Many business professionals find that they spend most of their time sat behind a desk working. Not only can this cause high blood pressure, it can also lead to other health problems like obesity. 

A height adjustable desk control box allows you to adjust your desk to suit your needs. So, whether you want to stand up and work, or you just want to be able to customize the height to suit your needs, it’s a great product for you. BlueDogSupplies.com stock these amazing products as well as a number of other brilliant gadgets and supplies you may need for your business. 

  1. Energous WattUp

While almost all offices have a wireless router installed, wouldn’t it be much better if that router could also charge wireless devices nearby? The Energous WattUp uses RF, Bluetooth and other technology to power up phones, tablets and other mobile devices that are close by. You can even set it to prioritize items that are lower on battery power. 

  1. Ring Video Doorbell

You may be under the impression that a Ring Video Doorbell is just for home use. But, these doorbells can be just as useful in an office environment, particularly if an employee is working in an office alone. Installing a Ring Video Dorbell allows you to see and talk to the person who’s ringing the bell. Not only can this help you to save time, but it can also improve the security of your business

  1. TrackR Bravo

If you or your employees continually misplace property, then purchasing TrackR Bravo might be a good choice for you. The TrackR Bravo is a disc that can be easily attached to keys, your phone, the kettle or pretty much anything you can think of that goes missing in the office. No longer will you put your car keys down and not be able to find them. Simply log into the app to find out where they are. 

  1. Mr. Coffee Smart WeMo

Most of us rely on a decent cup of coffee to get us through a tough and long work day. But, finding a coffee machine that makes a decent cup of coffee is hard and we often don’t have enough time to make one ourselves. The Mr. Coffee smart machine allows users to control the brewing process remotely, meaning you’ll get the perfect cup every time. This machine will also alert you when you’re running out of supplies. It can even detect when you enter the office and will ask if you fancy a cup of coffee. What more could you want from a coffee machine?

There are so many brilliant gadgets available that can make your time at work more enjoyable and relaxing. Which of these gadgets is at the top of your list? 

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