5 Fun things to do with a microphone and iPhone together

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 9th November 2019

Have you ever seen a person who speaks into a microphone? Have you seen? And if the microphone is connected directly to the iPhone?

In your pocket, you have a full tool for creativity and work — your iPhone. Connect an external microphone to it, and you get a professional sound recording studio. It is a miracle, isn’t it?

Surely you will ask why such an advanced gadget as an iPhone needs a microphone. We will answer — the microphone and the iPhone can create unforgettable things together. For the most inquisitive, we’ll tell you how to pump your iPhone to make a video with chic, make podcasts, conduct online broadcasts, report, get your audience and so on. Doubt which microphone to choose for your iPhone? Read about the best models here.

1.      Record interviews and memorable moments

For this purpose, the most inconspicuous microphones for recording voice (which the rabble like to call ‘lavalier’) are suitable. In addition, they are really tiny and fastened directly to the clothes allowing you to record a voice without any extraneous noise. This microphone is great for recording lectures, presentations or even meetings. The resulting record can be imported anywhere: upload it to the cloud, add it to the project in iMovie or GarageBand or paste it into some Final Cut.

Do you want to record a clever idea or a farewell to descendants? Maybe a poem of a beloved or the first poem of your child on a children’s matinee? The lavalier mic will help you. Even if you speak in a low voice, the microphone will cope, unlike the built-in iPhone.

2.      For recording podcasts, online broadcasts, and streams

Such a microphone is for you if you refer yourself to the conquerors of the Internet. If you’ve always dreamed of starting a career as a translator of sitcoms and commercials, collecting hundreds of people on your streams or becoming an internet DJ, there is no better solution than the microphone and the iPhone together.

The main thing is that such a microphone can also be connected directly to the iPhone, for recording the same podcasts. And you can take the second wire from the kit with the USB connector and connect it directly to the computer for spectacular cuts with comments in Twitch.

3.      Microphone and iPhone for the coolest reports

We all know how field reporters work: a person with a huge and heavy camera atilt stands opposite the pretty girl (or guy) who broadcast to their audience. And you, too, can do this, even if you do not have a large camera.

Above all, the camera is easily replaced by the iPhone. And in addition, you need a good microphone. Such a microphone should not catch extraneous noise, including noise from the wind. The capsule must be fixed to a shockproof suspension to prevent structural noise.

Usually, such microphones are suitable not only for journalists. Besides, with their help, you can record live performances or other events on the iPhone.

4.      Arrange a karaoke party

Everyone loves to sing, even those who are tone-deaf. Not everyone wants to go to a karaoke bar, and to have special equipment for karaoke is not possible for some. And here your mobile gadget will come to the rescue. It remains only to purchase a karaoke microphone compatible with the mobile phone. Done! Now you can arrange karaoke battles and cheer your neighbors with loud singing!

5.      Microphone and iPhone as a loudspeaker

There are situations where you just need to be heard. Here your gadget and the microphone connected to it will come in handy. Believe it, with such a set your voice will be heard from afar!

It does not matter what you want to do: journalism, creating audiobooks, lectures, presentations or simply creating a home video archive. There are numerous microphones for all types of activities, where you only need your voice, iPhone and the desire to create and create.

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