5 Great Remote Jobs If You Love to Travel

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 21st May 2020

We are all extremely happy people since we live in a remarkable time. Some 50 years ago, no one could imagine that he or she could live, say, in Europe and work for a South American corporation. Even traveling was a rather complicated thing that required thorough and durable preparations.

Nowadays, the development of globalization and the Internet allows us not to depend on our location, citizenship, and place of work. The labor market is full of vacancies with remote jobs that provide high income and complete freedom of movement. 

If you dream of traveling the whole world, you must have a look at these five greatest remote jobs. Who knows, maybe this article will change your life forever. Are you intrigued? Then let’s go!

Game and Web Designers

In fact, this term contains a lot of sub-specializations like an interior designer, graphic designer, fashion designer, and so on. Each of these jobs can bring you the opportunity to create something unique and beautiful by still traveling the world.

However, nowadays, the jobs of game and web designers are considered to be the most beneficial and perspective.

Game designers work in the gaming industry and develop video games. They often bring an idea, think over how they can technically embody this idea, and create the worlds, locations, characters, weapons, etc. 

 In the web design, these specialists’ work is connected with the development and support of website interfaces. Their main aim is as a useful, interesting, and understandable interface as possible.

In both cases, all you need for work is a laptop and a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Employers allow specialists to work from any place in the world in exchange for high-quality product completed within the deadline.

Salary: An average salary of a video game designer is around $90 000 per year. A web designer can make about $53 000 annually.

Skills Required: Since both jobs are somehow connected with IT and programming, a good specialist should have the following skills:

  • knowledge of programming languages or basics of programming;
  • knowledge of special software (like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw for web design and Unity3D, Unreal for game design);
  • creativity;
  • artistic talent and education;
  • gaming experience and understanding of how users interact with sites.


Developers are one of the most important specialists in the modern IT industry. They are greatly needed in all spheres that want to keep up with the times and enter the world of digital technology. Besides, the products made by developers bring billions of dollars. So, corporations are ready to pay a lot and provide certain freedom.

Based on the programming languages, narrow specialization, and experience, a developer writes the source code to develop some app or software. Specialists also choose the most appropriate language, work with databases, and fix all possible errors.

Nowadays, PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, C++ are the most demanded languages. If you feel readiness and ability to work with languages, codes, and algorithms, you have all the chances to become a good developer.

You can also look for the remote vacancies of a developer on farfarjob.com, indeed.com or others job search sites..

Salary: An average salary of a developer with 2-4 years of work experience varies from $100 000 to $110 000 per year.

Skills Required:

  • knowledge of programming languages (Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C++, etc.);
  • knowledge of programming tools like Github, SQL, text editors, etc.;
  • constant self-improvement and self-development based on practice
  • analytical skills;
  • patience.

SEO Specialists

The success of all businesses depends on the demand, brand recognition, and higher popularity compared with rivals. Websites help improve these factors, but only if they go through proper search engine optimization, i.e., SEO.

SEO specialists work over the complex promotion of the sites by analyzing the current satiation and algorithms of the search engines. Then they optimize the site to increase traffic and profitability.

If a company hires an experienced SEO specialist, it can be sure that its site will enter and hold a place in the top 10 or top 5 links on the user’s request.

The job may seem somewhat routine, but if you’re a patient person with technical skills, you’ll learn all the tricks. Besides, many hirers offer remote work, which means so frequent traveling as you wish.

Salary: SEO specialists earn from $50 000 to $60 000 per year.

Skills Required:

  • knowledge of SEO strategies;
  • monitoring of the market and rivals’ sites;
  • website usability testing;
  • knowledge of the keyword research;
  • knowledge in-text link advertising programs.


In the majority of cases, the most well-paid positions of interpreters and translators mean working with written texts, documentation, technical instructions, and so on. However, there is still a significant demand for specialists who are ready to accompany people abroad for interpretation. 

The work of interpreters does not support much freedom. As a rule, they visit certain countries where their clients go. Interpreters can work for the government, delegations, and a private person like a businessman going on a business trip or negotiation. Still, this profession gives you the opportunity to visit other countries and communicate with different people.

Nowadays, the most demanded languages are English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Arab. If you speak rare languages like Scandinavian or Hindi, you can also find a very profitable place, as the amount of such specialists is traditionally low, and demand still exists.

Salary: A wage depends on the language you speak and the number of trips. An average salary of an interpreter is $41 000 per year.

Skills Required:

  • thorough knowledge of the chosen language;
  • experience in interpretation and international communication;
  • skills of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation;
  • high communicative skills;
  • ability to articulate thoughts;
  • excellent memory.

Travel Bloggers

Perhaps, this job is one of the most exciting, because you don’t earn for traveling – you travel for earning.

Travel bloggers visit different countries, cities, and exciting places and give useful advice. For example, they tell their followers and subscribers about the preparation process, possible difficulties, little life hacks, and so on.

Also, they share their opinion about various resorts, hotels, theme parks, and restaurants.

Many travel bloggers work for magazines and TV channels, while there are still a lot of self-made travelers who have blogs on social media. If you don’t have contracts with media corporations, you can monetize the blog through ads, donations, paid content, or by becoming a brand/company ambassador.

The only thing that should be noted is that you’ll need some initial capital to create the first content and promote the blog. Also, be patient as your blog should get the audience before real income comes.

Salary: Here, your income depends only on you. There is no exact sum. While beginners earn from nothing to several thousand per year, leaders get millions of dollars.

Skills Required:

  • in-depth knowledge of social media;
  • creativity;
  • gifts to attract people’s attention;
  • communicative skills;
  • self-management skills;
  • scriptwriting, directing, cutting, photographing;
  • producing talent.


You don’t have to spend all your life within the four walls of the stuffy, overcrowded office. The modern world offers so many opportunities for a remote job to you that it’s simply rude to reject them, to say the least. Anyway, it’s risky, but the game is worth playing.

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