5 Perks You Might Offer Your Employees

by Josh Biggs in Business on 21st February 2021

If you are running a business, you realize that employee retention is essential. You want to retain employees because if you can’t, you’ll spend all of your days headhunting, interviewing, and onboarding. All of that takes up the time you could spend doing other things.

It’s not always easy to keep employees happy, but there are some perks you can offer that might keep them around. If you provide big perks like healthcare, that can keep them content, but you’ll also want to think about smaller perks that can help them in their daily life.

Here are some unusual employee benefits that some companies look into to keep their workers satisfied with their situation.

A Reverse Osmosis Water System

If you have a brick-and-mortar location where your employees work, then you want to make it as comfortable as possible for them. You don’t want them to dread coming in to work every day because of the conditions.

Some companies install an RO system, or a reverse osmosis water filtration system. You can set this system up under the sink in the breakroom, for instance, and then you’ll have much purer drinking water for your employees.

If you have health-conscious workers, they’ll be happy to know that the water you provide them at work is chemical-free. You can get rid of barium, lead, copper, cysts, fluoride, nitrates, and much more this way.

Gym Memberships

Many workers like to stay fit, especially if they have a sedentary job. It’s hard not to gain weight, and it’s challenging to keep your muscles toned if you spend several hours in front of a screen every day.

You can give your employees gym memberships as a perk. If you have an LA Fitness or another national chain nearby, you can hand them memberships and encourage them to go.

Your employees will appreciate it, but this is an expenditure that will help your company as well. If your workers stay fit, they won’t deal with injuries or illness as often, and they won’t have to take so much time off.

Fitbits or Other Wearables

Some employers also like to give their workers holiday gifts. You might consider getting Fitbits for all your employees or one of the other popular wearables that are on the market.

Most workers love this gift because of all these wearables can do. You can program yours to remind you to drink water to stay hydrated. You can program one to remind you to take your medication during the day.

They can monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and more. They can count how many steps you take each day if you have a fitness goal.

You might have a friendly office competition. You can challenge your workers to take as many steps during the week as possible. The winner gets bragging rights and perhaps an additional prize.

Even if you’re the company’s owner or the CEO, you can enter the contest as well. If you have fun with your workers, they’ll like you more.

GrubHub or Doordash Credits

You might also give your workers a monthly GrubHub or Doordash credit. During the pandemic, more people than ever like to order in. They cannot go to restaurants in many instances, either because Covid-19 has closed their local eateries or because they have not gotten one of the vaccines yet.

They will like having a $50 per month DoorDash, Uber Eats, or GrubHub credit from you. They can use it a couple of times per month to get a special lunch for themselves. If they’re doing remote work right now, this is just the sort of thing that can keep them working for the same company.

Uber Credits

You probably can’t afford to give every worker a company car, but you can give them a monthly Uber credit or Lyft if they are in your area. Your workers might need an Uber to take them to a doctor’s appointment or the grocery store.

Some of them may not have cars, and if they don’t, they may not enjoy taking public transportation so much. They’ll like having their own private ride a couple of times each month.

You can always get creative with what you offer your workers. You never want to neglect healthcare coverage or a 401k plan, but it’s these little additional perks that let them know you want to retain them. It might be these small touches that allow you to keep your most talented employees.

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