5 Simple Tips For Refreshing Your Brand To Get Ahead Your Competition

by Josh Biggs in Business on 28th February 2020

Brands need changes from time to time to remain relevant in the market. This is because of the ever-growing competition and hence you need to keep up with the pace of the current trends. Once you have set up your brand this doesn’t mean that you are good to go throughout your years of business. You need to refresh your brand from time to time but not too often as may lose track. Refreshing your brand means that you have to do a few changes in the way people view your brand name, logo, and packaging as well as few other options. This strategy should still maintain your identity in the market and be of great benefit to your sales volume. It should attract more potential clients while still maintaining the available ones.

The most common reason why brands need to be refreshed is a note of the slow rate of business in the current days. This suggests that you are losing track of customers who were buying from you. Your customers may not be calling you quite often as they did to place orders, make opinions or give feedback. This means that you need to do something about it as soon as possible. Refreshing your brand is more like a re-birth to your organization and will certainly do you good.

How do you do it? Here are five ways to refresh your brand:

1. Update and refresh on your product offering or service that you render

The first thing you need to look at is the current trend in the market versus what you are offering to clients. They need to feel the modern touch of products as taste and preferences are constantly changing with trends. If you have been doing the same product or offering the same kind of service for years clients will get bored by it easily. You need to use innovative techniques and improve your products to quality products that match the current trends in the market. A good example may be in clothes. People are always looking for the latest fashion trends to dress in and if you do not keep up with these your brand will lose its touch. In terms of the service that you offer to your clients you need to tailor to make the customer experience more memorable and of quality standards. Training your staff to be efficient in-service delivery can do this.

2. Get a Vanity Number

Vanity number is an alphanumeric phone number that are easy to remember. Getting a vanity number for your business can be one of the best ways to refresh your brand. Using a vanity number, you can add your brand name to your phone number. This way your business will be more credible and more professional. Your customers do not need to try hard to remember your business whenever they need the services you provide. This way, you can get ahead of your competitors.

3. Make a subtle logo change

Your logo is your identity in the market as this is how you stand different from others. You need to change your logo to the modern-day logo with visual elements of imaging in it. If your logo is just the name you can incorporate an image in your logo and play around with the wording to be incorporated as part of it still. Use colors that represent your brand from the products that you are offering clients and make it as descriptive as possible. The good thing about using color is that it makes it quite appealing to the eyes of your clients and this attraction is what you are certainly looking for now as you refresh your brand.

4. Experiment with pricing

One good strategy of getting your brand refreshed is by your prices. You might be losing customers because you are selling too high than others. This means that you need to consider a price change that will still earn you some profit in the end. One good way of going about this is by repackaging and restructuring your products and giving them different prices unlike before. This will play mind games and attract customers to you. Another strategy may be by price gaming. You can offer a product at $99 instead of $100, which may seem quite cheaper to a client. This makes you quite attractive than even one offering the same at $100. Refreshing your brand can be as simple as that as you will just playing mind games with the psychology of your clients.

5. Leverage new tactics on promotion

Refreshing your brand means that you need to seek more options on how to stay attractive in the market. This means that you need to gain back your lost customers and earn more now more than ever. How do you promote your products? Is it quite effective or do you need new tactics? If you realize that it’s the problem you need to consider new ventures of promoting your products like social media, video ads and a couple more. Promotions need to be quite effective in the long run. You can also use re-targeting strategies such as email marketing to your clients as this makes them feel recognized by you. While doing this you will be hitting new markets and suggesting new ideas. You can also consider repackaging your products as clients are already used to your old look. This is a promotion strategy to make your product look more appealing in the eyes of your clients. Repackaging makes your product have a fresh look and such redesigning ideas will help you look refreshed.

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