5 Tips for Woocommerce Cart Abandonment Sales Recovery 2020

by Josh Biggs in Ecommerce on 22nd July 2020

In an ideal customer journey, every lead makes their first purchase immediately after visiting your site. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible—customers often need to engage with a brand several times before making a purchase, and the majority of online shopping carts are abandoned before the sale.

With that in mind, converting even a small percentage of abandoned carts would lead to a significant increase in sales. In this article, we’ll cover five of the best ways to improve your Woocommerce cart abandonment strategies. Of course, you can always streamline these and other processes with the best Woocommerce plugins to boost sales.

1. Make It Easy to Checkout as a Guest

While you eventually want leads to sign up for your website or email newsletter, that shouldn’t be necessary to complete an order. Customers expect a quick and easy checkout process, and any unnecessary friction will negatively impact your sales.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t encourage users to make an account. For example, you could offer free shipping or a small discount on their first order after signing up. Making accounts necessary will turn users away, even if they were intending to make a purchase.

Similarly, you should add as many payment methods as possible in order to make your site accessible to more users. Streamlining checkout is one of the simplest ways to provide an immediate boost to your Woocommerce sales.

2. Develop an Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

You still have a good chance of conversion after a lead abandons their cart, but it’s critical to follow up quickly and bring them back to your online store. Abandoned cart workflows automatically target customers with personalized ads after they add an item to their cart and leave your site.

For example, you could send the first email as soon as an hour after their visit. At this point, the product is still fresh in their mind, and even a gentle reminder could lead them to reconsider. As with other Woocommerce marketing tasks, you can streamline this process using automation software.

Many businesses follow up a second time if the first email doesn’t result in a sale. Make sure to leave at least 24 hours between emails to avoid appearing too pushy. The second email should also contain an exclusive discount in order to give leads an additional incentive to complete the purchase.

3. Optimize for Mobile Devices

More and more orders are coming from mobile devices every year, and it’s important to prioritize them in site optimization. Mobile users tend to abandon carts at higher rates than other customers, often because the shopping experience isn’t as seamless on a smartphone or tablet.

The easiest way to audit your site’s performance is to simply visit your store on your phone. Check search results, product pages, landing pages, and any other relevant areas to confirm that they function as well as they would on a desktop or laptop. Don’t forget to add a product to your cart and test the checkout process.

Of course, you can also learn more about common issues by asking for customer feedback directly. Offering incentives for filling out a survey will help you generate more responses and gather more actionable information. It should always be easy for customers to ask questions or report issues from a mobile device.

4. Leverage Multiple Channels

Email is the most common channel for cart abandonment sequences, but you can keep in touch with customers across multiple platforms. Adding more channels to your ecommerce marketing strategies will make your brand more versatile and help you craft a more personalized customer experience.

Push notifications, for example, are an increasingly common option for messages that prioritize a quick response. While customers may only view or respond to emails at certain times of day, push notifications will immediately display on their device. Push notifications are currently compatible with desktops and laptops along with mobile devices.

Flash sales and other time-sensitive promotions are particularly effective as push notifications. You could offer an abandoned cart sale for as little as an hour in order to create a sense of urgency. Furthermore, push notifications are sent through browsers, allowing marketers to gather valuable customer data.

5. Take Advantage of Social Proof

Consumers are used to having products sold to them, so proof from other customers is typically more effective than conventional marketing. Social proof is an easy way to add credibility to your online store and give new leads more confidence in your products. Social proof advertising on Facebook can increase your brand awareness.

Social proof could be anything from case studies and customer testimonials to user-generated social media content. In general, the goal is to focus on the value of your products to actual users, rather than your own sales pitch. Technical specs and other details might interest enthusiasts, but the average user is more interested in what the product can do for them.

One of the most common ways to implement social proof involves posting notifications on your website when someone makes an order. Customers who see that notification will be more likely to complete the purchase rather than abandoning their cart.

Cart abandonment is a major source of lost revenue for ecommerce vendors of all sizes, and improving your abandoned cart recovery strategies takes time. These ideas will help you to recover more abandoned carts and generate more sales through your Woocommerce store.

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