5 Tips To Help Boost Your Business’ Online Presence 

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 2nd September 2022

No business can ignore the internet. Internet usage is near ubiquitous in modern society, and a great deal of commercial activity takes place online. Here are some of the ways in which any business can improve their online presence. 

Pay Using PPV Or PPC

PPV (Pay Per View) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are two very well-established models for the payment of advertising costs. Both models allow companies to pay on a sliding scale according to the effectiveness of a campaign. It makes a great deal of sense to hire an agency to management your PPC campaign. Since the agency will charge a business relative to the success of the campaign, this model is extremely efficient. 

Harness SEO

Search Engine Optimization – usually referred to as SEO – is a field dedicated to the improvement of search engine performance. A vast percentage of internet traffic flows through search engines like Google every single day. If a company is able to make sure that their page ranks highly with search algorithms when consumer keywords are typed into the search bar, they will receive a great deal of traffic. Search Engine Optimization tactics include keywork optimization, backlinking, metadata editing and content creation. No business can afford to skimp on SEO in the modern age. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing in order to provide both consumers and advertisers with a better, more contextualized search service. For this reason, SEO tactics are constantly shifting. 

Use Big Data 

Marketing online is an increasingly data driven field. Big data – composed of datasets so large and varied that they can only be analyzed using a computer – is incredibly useful in the creation of online brand identity and targeted marketing campaigns. Luckily, the internet is a perfect source of consumer data. Everything from customer purchasing preferences to location groupings can be used to build an accurate picture of the market – essential in the development of good online content. 

Never Stop Researching 

Good market research never stops. In the online era, consumer preferences and desires can change incredibly quickly. Communication quirks and modes can also shift at the drop of a hat. Companies looking to keep up with online trends and consumer preferences need to keep their fingers on the pulse. Even companies with a large online presence can be swiftly left behind if they fail to acknowledge the fast movement of online communication trends. 

Develop Consumer Relationships 

Don’t just throw marketing materials out wildly to potential customers or collaborators. More and more marketing experts are realizing the inherently reciprocal nature of marketing online. Allowing consumers to interact with marketing materials is essential to allowing them to develop a relationship. Consumers must be able to communicate with, share and even alter marketing materials online. Social media marketing campaigns are perfect opportunities to allow for interaction. Some companies have even been developing campaigns that encourage consumers to make their own content – simultaneously creating new marketing materials and developing a deeper relationship to the products and services being sold. 

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