5 Tips to Improve and Become a Better Coder

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 27th July 2020

Wish to get better at coding? Well, here, in this article, we have come up with a few easy actionable guidelines, which can be your much-required flowchart to better your programming skills.

Constantly tell yourself – There’s a lot to learn

Martin, who started his career as a provider of online statistics homework help by TAE, says that even when he has settled in his career, he knows and acknowledges the fact that there’s always a lot left to learn. This applies to all the fields, including programming and coding.

There are a bunch of snooty computer science graduates who get an attitude after their course completion, and are like, “I am the best, and I know it all.” Always remember that this attitude would be a massive roadblock in learning new and important techniques, which come in every day.  

You don’t always have to prove yourself right

As a coder, you should continually strive to be great and not just adapt to being good. Your experience will teach you a lot. However, be particularly careful as this experience can also teach you to repeat some bad habits or poor behaviour. Try to strive to be a programmer with 5 years of experience and not a programmer with a year of experience repeated five times. To ensure that this does not happen, analyse everything that you are doing and constantly ask yourself, is there any way to make it any better?  

You do not stop when the code works, rather you start at it

Robby, a TrumpLearning programmer, says that if there’s something that he’s learned out of his coding career, then it is that though the first step is creating a qualified software according to the requirements of the client, you do not stop at it, rather you move from there to the next thing, and only then you can make your development a work of art.

Every great programmer knows and understands that their first iteration is only the initial iteration. If it works as required, excellent, but that doesn’t mean that you are done with it. You have to keep at it to elevate it from there to another level.

Now, an important part of taking it forward is defining what better you could make out of it. This answer will be variable for different applications, but the process would naturally be the same.

You have to write it 3 times

To be a good programmer, you need to create software, which works. However, to be a great programmer, you have to write software, which works incredibly well. But, this is something which wouldn’t happen in the first go.

So, to write the best software, you will have to usually write it three times. In the first attempt, you create the software as ideation to prove to yourself and the client that the solution for it is possible. The second time, you have to make it work. In the third attempt, you’ll strive to make it just right. James, a coder, with EDU World USA says that in his 5-year career as a programmer, he’s understood that even the best developers of the world aren’t ever able to develop the best version of their software in the first go.

So, you do not give up and keep at it. Moreover, when you write it three times, you’ll understand and analyze that there are umpteen ways to approach a problem. So, this would be your way of trying to keep away from the monotony.  

Read codes – A lot of them, every day

Dan, a programming assignment help Australia educator at TFTH, says that though he has now taken up tutoring as his full-time job, he still spends enough time every day to read more and more codes. The good thing about reading codes is that it helps you understand how other people approach a problem of programming.

However, you don’t have to treat your codes as literature. They are a challenge and a lesson for you.

Every time you read a new code, question yourself:

  1. How would you have written this code? Would you have done it any differently?
  2. Next, did you learn anything out of it? Is there any way that you can apply this same technique to some other code that you wrote in the past?  
  3. Is there any way that you could improve this code? Moreover, if it is an open-source project, and you are certain that you could have done it better than the original coder, do it.
  4. Lastly, try to write the code as the author has. It will help you understand how other people are writing their software. It makes you more empathetic.

Follow these five simple steps, and you’ll certainly find an improvement in your journey and skill as a coder in the long run. 

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