5 Tips to Make Your Game Development Effective

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 2nd March 2021

Wondering how to design a truly amazing game that will impress users? Keep reading this article as it contains 5 tips to make your game development effective!

In case you’ve made up your mind to connect your life with game development, it is a brilliant strategy because game design is considered a wonderful way to express your creativity (and this is a highly-paid profession).

Here, we would like to provide you with 5 tips that will serve as a guide to make your game development effective. Don’t worry if you are just a beginner in game design. The following advice will come in handy both for freshmen and experienced game developers. So, let’s start!

Game Programming or Game Art?

Initially, they should determine whether they desire to concentrate on game programming or creating the art for games. Let’s take a look at both directions.

  • Game programming:

In case you choose game programming, you should acquire extra deep knowledge of JavaScript, C++, or C#. Those 3 languages are key ones in the game industry. JavaScript is the most widely used web language. C++ is also one of the most popular programming languages for creating games among game designers. C# is an object-oriented programming language. C# is also a widely-used programming language 

To design a game, developers may use programming languages or a game engine. Regarding the last, check Unity Awake vs. Start (game engines are ideal for implementing the game art approach);

  • Game art:

If you are an artist and possess several game design ideas, then you must use illustration art to create a masterpiece of fun and engaging game. There exist several game engines many experienced designers use to develop their games. So, don’t feel like you aren’t a game designer just because you don’t use JavaScript or C++.

Focus on User Experience

To make your game development effective, it would be perfect to adjust the solutions to the user’s lifestyle. Answering the following questions will help you to do that:

  • What kind of players will enjoy your solution?
  • The exact period users will (and would like) spend on this game;
  • Will users require several short breaks while playing the game?
  • What steps should players implement to get access to start the game?
  • Is it possible to play the game using laptops, tablets, or a smartphone?
  • What type of software as well as the Internet access will be available to the users?

The above-mentioned will serve as a checklist to support you while designing a game that players will love.

Never Ignore Testing

It is a fact that testing is a must-have when it comes to user interface development. However, testing plays an even more crucial role when a developer is creating a game. You must test a solution as often as possible starting from the earliest stage of a game design.

Why is it important to test a game? The reason is the majority of games are extremely dynamic practices.

During playing a game, a cascade of events changes from one activity to another. Moreover, every step, the user does, triggers a myriad of outcomes. The majority of games are designed according to the principle of randomness. What does this mean? The same player never gets the identical experience doubly.

The situation is even more complex and unpredictable if we talk about multiplayer games. So, as far as a game developer doesn’t directly supervise how a game runs in terms of players’ decisions, they should be sure that they control the background platform where the game unfolds. This is possible to achieve with the help of numerous testing practices. Detailed testing allows understanding how the game will work without observing the game in action.

How about the Audio in Games?

Many game designers confess that very often, they accentuate coding as well as ideal graphics but neglect the sound matters. Just recollect the moment when you designed the recent game. Think about the sound that was active throughout the game.

Is a certain event in the game more entertaining with audio support or something is missing? What feelings do you experience with/without the sound? You should focus on personal feelings that will help you to get the control to design a new fascinating game.

Implement Analytics

It makes no difference how many QA-engineers support you while designing a game. You can individually monitor all types of valuable info via powerful analytics APIs. What is the amount of times when the QA-engineer fails when playing on a certain game level? How many engineers coped with the challenge?

Such a datatype can provide a game designer with the idea of the level you optimized the solution. It is a complicated task to check (and understand) those things by hand. But such an app as GameAnalytics may support you! You must regularly get analytics updates to make your game development effective.

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