5 Useful Tips for Budget-Savvy People to Save More and Pay Less:Lowering Internet Bills

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 15th January 2020

Every month, each one of us has to empty the wallets to pay utility bills, groceries, and household essentials. One of the bills that could ruin our budget is the cable bill. Paying up to hundreds of dollars on cable bills is not an easy one, especially when you are living on a tight budget.

Budget savvy and people living paycheck to paycheck find it hard to pay the hefty amount every month. There are plenty of ways to cut down your cable bills and never run out of money until the next paycheck.

What are those ways and how you could lower your cable bills that will be discussed in this article? Without further ado, let’s get started.

Research Well Before Opting for a Package

Researching for cable providers in your area is the first step towards cutting your bills down. In a particular area, only a set of limited providers would be offering the services. Find those providers and compare them side by side.

A report by Nielsen published in 2016 found that an average American pays for 200 channels while in reality they only watch 20 (Source).

You will find packages offered by those providers with features that vary. Now compare those features and ask yourself:

  • What features are offered by different service providers?
  • What do they charge for different packages and what makes them unique from others
  • How much can I afford and what options are available in terms of customization

Answer these questions before you come to the final decision.

Do You Really Need a Landline?

In this era, when smartphones have replaced the traditional phones, having a landline would just add up to the cost. Ask yourself, how many times you have used the landline to make a call. It might be useful if you have a home-based office and need some kind of business number. However, if this is not the case, paying for your mobile bills as well as landline is useless.

If you compare the packages of cable providers, you will find various options to customize your needs according to your budget. You can either opt for cable, internet, and landline or choose cable and internet without having a landline.

Bundle Up to Pay Less and Save More

If you have shopped in stores or online, you might have come across bundle deals that help you save more and pay less. The same goes for cable packages. The more you add on the less you pay.

Bundle deals would not only help you save money, but also allow you to ease your bill payments and enjoy extra services for the price that is nominal. For instance, Mediacom Internet bundles offer lighting fast internet, nationwide calling and over 170 TV channels along with HD receiver, all in one package. The bundle offers are in fact budget-friendly and can help you lower your cable bills.

Wait for the Promotional Offers

During the holiday and festive season, different service providers offer huge discounts and promotional offers. These offers are valid for new customers as well as existing ones. Make sure to keep an eye on these promotional offers and opt for the best package that suits your budget and needs.

Cut Down to One Cable Box

Most of the people pay unnecessarily for multiple cable boxes to manage different rooms in the house. While the fact is that, they only watch on a single TV. This could add up the total bill and disturb the budget.

Before you pay for extra cable boxes, do ask whether you need it or not. For instance, if you are paying extra money for the cable box setup in the guest room, while the room is not used commonly, why pay extra for it. Make sure to act smartly and reduce your bills as much as you can.


If you are tight on budget and can’t afford the hefty cable bills, just follow the above-given tips. The best option is to customize your package according to your needs and research well before choosing one. Talking to the service provider can also help you to stumble upon a deal that is only available for new customers. Think smart and save more to give a breathing room to your monthly budget and savings.

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