5 Valuable Resources for Those Who Are Struggling financially

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 20th January 2021

Everyone goes through tough times, financially. Not everyone gets through it alone.

When you’re struggling with money, as many have been in 2020, it can affect every part of your life. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, just having enough to pay rent and keep yourself fed can be tough.

It’s important to understand that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. In this post, we’re going to talk a little bit about the different resources available for those that need help with rent. These are 5 helpful programs and opportunities that’ll help keep you on your feet so you can work to get out of your financial troubles sooner than later.

1. Federal and Local Rent Relief

2020 was a very complicated year for individuals, businesses, and governments alike. Having to quarantine, and in some cases, go into full lockdown meant that many people couldn’t work, so they couldn’t pay rent. 

To combat this, some local governments have taken action to either allot funds to help those that had their employment affected by the public health measures to pay or defer rent.

The CARES act and now, the Lost Wages Assistance program is in place to help those who have lost their wages. To find out more about these programs, look here.

2. Housing Voucher Program

The Housing Voucher Program, also known as “Section 8”, you’ll pay a portion of your rent and your local public housing authority will cover the rest. All you have to do is qualify for your state’s low-income requirements, look for an approved property, and pass a background check by the landlord.

The amount of assistance that you get will depend on market prices in your area, as well as your level of income.

3. Salvation Army

In many areas throughout the country, the Salvation Army provides one-time rental assistance for those that require it. This is called the “Nicor Sharing Program” because it’s funded by Nicor customers. To qualify, you need to be ineligible for other government programs and fall between 150-250% of the poverty level.

4. Eviction Protection

Many state and local governments have instituted eviction protection to help those affected by lockdown make ends meet. Some of them have requirements to qualify for this protection, while others have indefinitely suspended evictions. To find out more about your state’s eviction protection, contact the local authority.

5. Public Housing

You can find public housing in most cities throughout the US. These are federally subsidized (by the HUD) rental complexes and the local housing authority will determine how much rent you pay, based on your income level.

Again, you’ll have to qualify by meeting the low-income requirements, passing a background check, and providing references.

Finding Help With Rent Wherever You Can Get It

Although these incredible programs are in place to help with rent, they’re mostly temporary. It’s important to keep working hard to get on your feet, but it’s always good to know that some safety nets are there to catch you when you can’t make rent.

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