5 Ways 3D Printing Technology Can Benefit Small Businesses

by Josh Biggs in Business on 8th December 2019

3D printing is a growing and developing technology that is helping people in all businesses and walks of life. Those benefits do not end with big businesses. Small businesses are also finding many uses for 3D printers.

Small businesses are a big part of what makes towns and cities run. As important as big business is to the global economy, small businesses are just as important to the local economy. Finding the best way to promote and help your small business helps both you and the town you are based in.

Even small businesses run entirely online can benefit from a 3D printer. A commercial 3D printer has so many uses and functions that it can be useful for any business of any size. Here are just a few of the ways a 3D printer could benefit your small business.

Business Promotion

You might be surprised how much more impressive and well made a 3D printed business card is than your average card. There is the opportunity to add dimension and personality to your self-promotion that an average business card cannot provide. Using a 3D printer for small, everyday self-promotion is a great way to utilize the machine.

A well-made business card that shows you have access to a 3D printer does more than just tell a potential client your number and name. It also can show how well made your products are. Who would put more energy into a business card than the actual business, right?

A 3D printed business card lasts longer, saves on materials, and is a cheap way to get your name out there. It might seem like a simple thing to use such impressive technology on but there is something to be said for simplicity. Giving an impressive first impression that shows some personality is never a bad way to start a business relationship.


It might be hard for a small business to get everything they want to sell made. Especially if they are not sure if the item will be bought. Spending the money to have a product made only for there to not be interest is a waste of time and money.

A 3D printed prototype is a great way around that problem. It is much less expensive to 3D print a prototype and show that version so that a customer can get an idea of what you are selling. It makes it so you know what products to have made and which products are best left as prototypes.

Prototypes also allow you to pitch product ideas to possible consumers or investors without having to have the actual product made. That way you can show a solid idea of where their money would be going without having to spend your own money on a product that might not attract the interest you want. A 3D printer gives you the opportunity to show a product without making it.

Made to Order

If you are planning on selling products that could be 3D printed then a 3D printer is something you should absolutely have. 3D printers can often make products for much cheaper than a more traditional process as well as use more earth-friendly products. If you can make your products with a 3D printer than you absolutely should.

Having a 3D printer makes all of or some of the products you intend to sell is a great way to make sure you do not make more items than you can sell. A 3D printer can make your products as they are ordered so you only make what you are selling. It also assures your customers a quick delivery with a well-made product.

Having a machine that makes things as they are ordered can be invaluable for a small business. There is no money that can be wasted on unsold items, and a 3D printer makes sure there isn’t any. Made to order items are one of the best parts of owning a 3D printer in a small business.

Extra Income

A 3D printer is a good way to bring in a bit of extra income. If there are other small businesses in your area then you can offer the use of your printer for a small fee. It is a great way to help your fellow business owners as well as make the money you spent on the printer back.

You can also offer the use of your 3D printer to locals who need or want something printed off. There are plenty of people who would be interested in using a 3D printer that is close to their home and cheaper than buying one of their own. Letting people have access to your printer for a small fee will bring in more people as well as give you a little extra money.

Even just allowing some of your loyal customers to use your 3D printer for free could be a good business decision. It is a way to bring people in a give them a reason to keep coming back. Building a loyal customer base is invaluable and the use of a 3D printer could help you do that.


A 3D printer allows you to customize everything that you make. Do you want your paperweights to have your business logo on them? A 3D printer can do that for you.

You can allow customers to add customization to the products they buy. You can give the small things you make to sell a little more special and unique to each item. You can put your brand name on everything you print out so that anytime someone sees one of your products they know exactly where it came from.

The idea that everything a 3D printer makes can be customized is not something that is thought about enough. A printer makes the same copy over and over, but a 3D printer can add things or take things away depending on the program and blueprints you use. There are no limits to the things a 3D printer can make entirely original to your business and customers.


3D printers are absolutely the future of business. They are a technology that is only growing in every industry you can think of. There is no reason your small business should not utilize that resource.

A 3D printer can add personality to your business cards. It can give you spare money and bring in new customers. It can ever allow you to see what your final product will look like without having to make the full product.

There are so many reasons a 3D printer is a good investment for your small business. From making your products more unique to offering a niche in the community a 3D printer can boost your business.

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