5 Ways To Boost Your E-commerce SEO Rankings

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 30th December 2020

If you are not getting enough clicks or say traffic on your ecommerce website, you are losing all the potential leads to your competitors. The main reason for the same is your low ranking on search engine results that’s keeping you away from the eyes of your targeted audience.

According to a research done by Optify, websites that are placed number 1 in search engine results receive 36.4 % of average click through rate (CTR). The websites placed on second and third number receive CTR of 12.5 % and 9.5 %. With such a number, if your business doesn’t even show up at first page, you should be really worried about the SEO rankings of your ecommerce store.

Rankings can be improved with a good amount of traffic and great SEO strategies. There are two kinds of traffic a website receives – Organic traffic and paid traffic.

Driving organic traffic to your e-Commerce Store is easier said than done. Attracting more organic traffic can help you make a difference in sales. Paid traffic involves money risk with not much guarantee of returns in large amounts.

The main driving force that helps you acquire organic traffic on your website is powerful SEO. For the newbies in the field or the existing ones who are hustling to mark their existence in the market, hiring a professional website SEO company is the ultimate path that will take you to greater heights.

The question that stands now is,

How to rank your e-commerce store on search engine results?

The below-given guide of 5 ways to boost your e-Commerce SEO rankings is perfect for you to get started.

  • Research Keywords

You can start by finding keywords for your product and home page. Prioritize the factors like Ranking difficulty, search volume, and relevancy of keywords during your search. Use the tools at Ubersuggest to get a detailed analysis of any keyword related to your brand industry. You should avoid using keywords that are too competitive as it will take more time in ranking.

You can also choose long-tail keywords that you can utilize in long-form content, as they will help you get conversions. They are known to help in ranking as almost 70% of the searchers include long-tail keywords. With DataForSEO renewed approach to keyword research you can get access to different search algorithms that provide plenty of opportunities for enriching and diversifying your keyword list.

  • Competitors

In the second part of your research, you should try to find out keywords that your competitors are using in their SEO company . Compare the domain authority and page authority of their web pages with your website. To check the same, you can use the free Moz toolbar for chrome or firefox to get all the information.

Explore their website and analyze their site architecture and navigation to get an insight about top-rated products, recently viewed products, and more. It will offer you an idea of how the successful companies in your niche are working and how you can plan your strategies to reach your goals. Try to find things that you can include on your website that your competitors have not; it will differentiate your website in the market.

  • Resolve Site Errors

Run a thorough check on your website to find any flaws that are causing problems. Check for 404 redirect pages, site and check links, changing 302 redirect pages, CSS and apps from the SEO perspective using the screaming frog tool that will help you recognize all the errors in the website. This tool will help you resolve all the huge errors on your website.

Move to identify small errors that may be causing a delay in website loading speed. You may not like users abandoning your website due to the delayed loading speed of the web pages.

  • Blogging

It is a great SEO strategy to boost your e-commerce ranking. By utilizing the Long-tail keywords, you will be able to drive more traffic to your website. It further helps you build an audience, Search rankings, and authority in the market. 

From creating content to help the users to share strategies and benefits of your service or product, valuable content will not only provide you reach among your target customers but will also help you in your brand awareness. Back up a link in the blog that redirects the user to your website, thus driving traffic on the same for sales. For this work, you can also hire professionals right now who hold expertise in writing SEO oriented content with the utmost knowledge of Keywords.

  • Smooth site navigation

Organized and well-planned site architecture is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helps the user locate what they have come looking for. The right position of all the elements on your website like products, descriptions, images, testimonials, and others will help you create a positive perspective in the mind of the customer.

For this work, research and analyze the website of your competitors and check out how they have presented everything on their website. It will provide you with an idea about the deeply rooted site architecture that enables easy access and location of the things the user came looking for on your website.

Choose to perceive something unique in your website as it is also one of the factors that attract the customers over your competitors. Present a well-organized website that would immediately impress the customer to make a sale on your website. 

  • Reviews of your product

As per a survey, online reviews and recommendations are trusted by almost 88% of the customers. The number may shock you, but people indeed take reference from the testimonials of the customers who have already used a product on your eCommerce store.

Welcome both positive and negative feedback in the same manner. If you receive genuine positive feedback, the expected leads on the same product will receive a recommendation from the same for your product.

If, in case, you receive any negative feedback, handle the situation in a polite manner and contact the user to rectify their problem. It will help you identify the grounds on which you are going wrong. In the long run, once you resolve their issue you can request the customer to share their experience on the same. It will help your customers learn about the attentiveness you have towards their problem if they face one.

The above guide will help you surpass your competitors in the market. With these ways turned into actions, you can expect great sales and an online reputation for your eCommerce store. 

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