5 Ways your Business benefits from thriving Business Publications

by Josh Biggs in Business on 14th October 2021

It is a delightful experience to see your brand name featured in a popular and large publication. 

Whether you are a services provider, freelancer, small business owner, or involved in direct sales, business publications can help you grow your company or business in different ways. 

From increased website traffic, boosted sales to increased credibility and loyalty, the benefits of getting your content published in business publications are myriad. With informative and useful content and a little bit of marketing flair, the article that is relevant to your focus audience and published on a larger publication can go a long way in making your business flourish. 

Here are some ways how business publications can help your business. 

  1. Brand Recognition and Credibility

In this modern world, there are several business publications that are popular among their target audience. And when you advertise your company in such magazines, more people become familiar with your company and start trusting you. For instance, if you are running a business in London and want to appear in the top London local news business magazines getting featured in a UK-based business publication would be a great idea to get your business in front of more potential customers. This not only increases brand recognition but brand loyalty too. People view those ads as a recommendation from a source they trust. 

  1. Valuable Skills from the Professional Editorial Teams

When you contribute useful and informative content to a giant publication, there are chances to with professional content creators and editors who provide feedback to the work submitted by you. For instance, a larger magazine Inc. has an expert team of professional editors that helps business owners and marketers get their work ready for being published. 

While the publication process of every magazine is different, there are particular writing skills and expertise that are useful for platforms available to contribute. Working with an editorial team can help you figure out what type of topics are suitable so you can create content accordingly to get your corporate message delivered to the target audience more effectively. It also provides you an opportunity to share your ideas and thoughts with a larger audience and see how they respond. 

  1. Increases Traffic to Your Site

When you write and publish content that offers informative, problem solving and entertainment value to the target audience, it increases the number of visitors to your business website. More visitors mean more leads and opportunities to convert them into sales. Both B2B and B2C businesses can benefit from publishing content in business publications. If you are running a B2B or B2C company in the UK, business listings and mentions in a popular UK business directory can drive more potential customers to your business website. Businesses experience significant benefits when they get featured in more publications and directories than the companies that don’t follow this powerful marketing approach.

  1. Show & Tell What Your Business Can Do

Business publications are a great platform for business owners like construction contractors, personal trainers, web developers and personal trainers to promote their services. They can write about a variety of topics including how their services/products can add value to the lives of their customers or what they can do to improve someone’s lifestyle. You can write highly useful & informative content and add relevant photos to let your audience know about your business and what you can do for them. It helps you drive more online visitors to your website that you can easily convert into valuable customers. 

  1. Fertile Connections with other Entrepreneurs 

After getting featured on larger and high visibility publications, relevant businesses are more likely to find and connect with your brand. Companies that find your services or audience relevant to theirs, reach out to you to kick start fertile business relationships with you. You might also get some profitable offers like paid promotions, business consultation and collaborative projects, etc. Industry experts, content creators, and entrepreneurs may also connect to expand their network. 

Now that you realize the potential of business publications that help you spread your word about your company and brand, get started with listing your business in established directories and share your knowledge and insights through interviews, guest contributions and other marketing opportunities. 

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