5 Website Design Trends You Need to Watch

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 9th December 2021

Did you know that 94% of customers value website design as key to their first impressions of a business? That’s a huge number of customers you could be losing out on with an out-of-date or unusable website.

And, like most areas of tech, the internet has changed over the last few years. That’s especially true about good web design.

Suppose you are looking for a website design that stands out from the crowd and will be relevant in the years to come. Then this list of 5 website design trends is for you!

1. Clean Designs

Clean designs are not only easy on the eyes, but they are also easier to navigate as well. They make it simple for visitors to find what they want. That way, they don’t spend too much time scrolling through text or trying to figure out which buttons do what.

When choosing a clean design, try using white space instead of images. This way, there is more room for text and navigation links, making it easier to read.

2. Symmetry

Clean designs will always look quick, stylish, and ultra-professional. They are sleek and easy to navigate. It’s one of the most classic web design tricks, and it’s obvious why it’s so popular.

There’s no clutter, only clean white space, and clear fonts. It’s more than being all bout aesthetics; it’s also about marketing and branding.

3. Unexpected Interactions

On the internet of yesteryear, many people saw popups as bad website design, with their annoying advertisements. But when used in the right way, unexpected interactions can prove vital. That’s true to your conversion rates and enhancing the reader’s experience.

In today’s social media-focused internet, engagement is key. Engagement comes in the form of likes, comments, follows, and shares. So making your website engaging, clickable, and sharable is a must.

4. Glass Morphism

Glass morphism is the art of transforming a flat surface into 3D. The concept is simple. Use depth cues such as shadows and perspective to give the illusion of three dimensions.

This technique is perfect for websites where users need to sense scale. For example, suppose you’re selling shoes online. You might want to add some glass morphism so that customers feel like they’re walking into a store.

5. Earthy Tones

Earth tones are a great choice for any website. The earthy tones give off a warm feeling while still being modern. Earth tones include browns, greens, blues, and yellows.

Earth tones are easy on the eye, which is great for nighttime viewing and also for anyone who struggles with contrast, such as dyslexic readers. A good web design agency will know their color wheels inside out and be able to provide you with the perfect experience.

Website Design Trends for Everyone

These five web design tips are sure to help your business grow. But remember, we’ve only touched the surface with these five. There are plenty more to be had.

And, don’t forget. Sometimes, you can’t go wrong with a timeless trend. In most cases online, less is more is a rule everyone should adhere to!

Do you want to uncover more website design trends and top tips to bring your customers more joy than ever before? Then read more of our articles and see what else you can find today!

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