6 Business Tools Every Startup Needs To Grow

by Josh Biggs in Startup on 22nd July 2021

One of the greatest concerns for startup businesses is how to keep costs at the lowest level possible. This is because during the initial stages, a business requires a lot of resources to build a strong foundation. 

To achieve success, you need to arrange your business’ expenses in order of their priorities and allocate the available funds accordingly. Also, you can postpone any upcoming business projects that can be undertaken at a later date. This may help reduce startup costs and helps ensure you’ve got enough money to run your business.

Business Tools As Key Drivers For Growth 

Although some operational costs can’t be entirely be eliminated, there are many strategies you can use to minimize them. One of the most effective ways that may be helpful in cutting down operational costs is the use of effective business tools.  Choosing the right tools not only helps lower down expenses but can also help save time and money. This helps increase efficiency and productivity, thus allowing your business to grow. 

So, if you want to grow your business and outshine other firms in the industry, stick to this article for a few minutes. You’ll learn some essential business tools you need to avail yourself of your business’ website and other needs. 

Essential Business Software Tools To Consider

Business software tools are said to be helpful additions any entrepreneur would wish to have for their startups. There are many of them being offered in the market. Here are some of the indispensable business tools worthy of your consideration:

  1. Customer Relations Management Tools

Customers are a significant aspect of any business operation. This is because without customers, there are no sales, and without sales, there would be no business. Apart from attracting and winning the hearts of many clients, the way you manage relations with them plays a vital role in your startup’s success. 

So, immediately after you’ve started building your target audience base, you need to employ effective strategies to help effectively manage relationships with each one of them. It’s believed to help improve your standing amongst current and possible leads. 

Top-notch customer relations can is possible upon the installation of CRM software on your business website. CRM or customer relations management software can help you gather essential information about your customers and organize them in a central place for better communication.   This allows you to regularly keep in touch with your customers which helps increase your business customers’ retention rate. 

  1. Live Chat Tools

One of the most important things you need to put on your mind when starting a business is how you can keep your customers engaged. Customer engagement is said to be important because it allows patrons to interact with your business website regularly. 

Customer engagement can be achieved if you can interact with them in real-time. That’s where live chat tools come in. With a live chat tool, you can respond to your customers’ queries as soon as they come in.

Most customers would want to have complete details about a product before they can buy it. With a live chat tool in place, you can explain to customers about your product while they’re still on your website. You can even get the opportunity to convince them why they should buy their preferred offerings from your shop. Live chat is said to also aid generate more leads and sales, thus allowing your business to grow. 

  1. Marketing Tools

There are millions and millions of businesses worldwide and all of them competing for the same pool of potential customers. For that reason, startups need to employ effective marketing strategies to help them gain a competitive edge amongst their peers in the game. Staying on top of the industry can be possible by having access to the best digital marketing tools out there.

There are several tons of them ready at your disposal. Some of these advertising tools can assist you in gathering customers’ data, while others can help you generate more sales. However, it’s vital to research and find out which one best suits your business.  Employing the use of a given marketing tool can help you reach out to a large online audience, tap on more leads, and convert them to returning clients.  

  1. Search Engine Optimization Tools

Attracting more traffic is said to be the first step in building a strong customer base. But to achieve this, you must create content that’s said to be search engine optimized. This means that your content must be created and designed for your webpage to land on top of the search engine page results. That’s why you need to have Search Engine Optimization tools handy. 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO tools can help your marketing department create online content tailored for your target audience. This allows you to attract more organic traffic. Sound search engine optimization techniques help your business to reach relevant traffic. 

By using an SEO tool, not only will you understand how your website is performing but you’ll also gain insight into your competitors. This may help you develop better SEO strategies to help your content stay ahead of the competition. 

  1. Project Management Tools

As your business expands, you may have other aspects of operations undertaken remotely. This means that you’ll need to collaborate with your remote workforce to ensure all your projects are running smoothly. However, though you can use email messages to keep in touch with your remote employees, sometimes they aren’t effective in keeping updates. 

That’s why you need to install a project management tool on your business website. Most project management tools are cloud-based and allow you to monitor all your projects’ progress over the web. So, instead of wasting time and resources to go and inspect your remote projects one by one, it’d be helpful to have a business project management tool set up in place to do the monitoring on your behalf. 

  1. Social Media Management Tools

Most people are said to spend a better part of their day on social media platforms over the Internet. So, apart from building a business website, you need to develop a solid business presence on different social media sites. This will help you to reach a large social media audience. 

Developing your social media presence means posting relevant and engaging content while earnestly communicating with online users regularly. However, sometimes it might be practically impossible to be managing all of your business’ socials simultaneously at a given moment. That’s why you need to have a social media management tool.

Choosing the right social media management tool will help you post and monitor content performance, and interact, engage and respond to your followers from one central place. This ensures no single customer query or concern goes unanswered. 


As mentioned above, there are many business tools you can consider for your startup’s use. Taking advantage of these tools’ strengths will allow your business to operate efficiently, thus helping you to increase your revenues. However, to reap the best benefits of these tools, you need to conduct your research to find out which ones best suit your business goals. 

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