6 Most Common Mobile App Design Mistakes

by Josh Biggs in Mobile on 24th October 2021

The mobile app market is highly competitive, and creating a successful mobile app is a complex process. There are many different parts of mobile app development that you need to consider and make sure are done correctly, or the app will not be successful. One of the most important parts of the app development process that contributes to the success of an app directly in the mobile app’s design.

This article will talk you through everything you need to know about mobile app design and the mistakes you need to avoid. Once you have read this article, you will know what not to do and how to make sure your mobile app has a high chance of success. The best mobile app and development companies in the world always make sure not to make these mistakes, so you should do whatever you can to do the same.

Here are the six most common mobile app design mistakes that you need to avoid. 

Bad First Impression

The first impression that users have of your mobile app is significant. If the first impression they have is excellent, they will continue to use your mobile app; if not, they will delete the app and look for another one.

Users will make up their minds about your mobile app immediately after downloading it. Make sure that his impression is excellent. This will cause your mobile app to have a higher chance of being successful.

There are many components that you need to consider when thinking about making a great first impression. The main ones include:

  • App loading time
  • How easy it is to use the app
  • Intuitiveness
  • Design consistency

If you don’t provide everything the user expects as soon as they start using the app, they will need to look for it. If looking for what they want isn’t intuitive, they will get a wrong first impression of the app, which will hurt your app’s reviews and reputation.

Too Many Features

Having too many features in your mobile app is not a good practice. Your mobile app should only have the features that its users need and nothing more. Adding more features will make your app slow and cause it to become cluttered. Your app’s overall performance will be worse, and the user’s experience will not be significant.

When first publishing your app after it is finished being developed, you should only have the necessary features. If you want to add more features, you should do this later on. You should only add features that users wish to; don’t add any features you want to have. This will cause the app to become cluttered and cause users not to return to the app.

Inconsistent Design

Your mobile app’s design needs to be consistent. If the plan isn’t consistent, it will cause the user to be confused, and the app will look unprofessional. Your app needs to follow a design standard that needs to be consistent throughout the entire app. This is highly important and should not be left till last. The best app companies make sure to plan the design of the app before they start developing it. This will make the process of creating the app more accessible, increasing the chances of the app succeeding.

Annoying Notifications

Notifications can be challenging to get right. Many developers get this wrong and create apps with annoying messages that cause users to stop using the app since they continue to get disrupted when doing something.

Having too many notifications will cause the user to delete the app, and having too few announcements could cause the user to forget about the app. There is a delicate balance that you need to find when dealing with notifications.

Look at the apps you like and think about how often they use notifications and what they use. Use these apps to help you find out the right balance for your app. Make sure that you don’t overdo the updates for your app too. Updates are necessary to keep the app feeling fresh and giving users the most incredible experience. Overdoing these updates and releasing too many of them too frequently will cause the user to be annoyed, not what you want.

Complicated Design

Your app needs to be simple. Users should be able to start using the app as soon as they download it. They shouldn’t be confused about how they can use your app and achieve what they want. The app’s design needs to be intuitive, easy, and simple to use.

Functionality should be the main focus of your app’s design. Don’t prioritize the look of your app over its functionality. It would help if you found the right balance, but functionality should be the main focus.

Think about your users and how they are going to interact with your app. Design the app for them, not for yourself.

Bad Color Contrast And Typography

Color contrast isn’t considered by app developers much, and this is one of the leading mobile app design mistakes made. It would help if you made sure that the color palette used for your app lets all users view the information on the screen quickly.

This should be considered early on in the app design development phase. Please do not leave this till last as it will look unprofessional, and it needs to match the rest of your branding so the design is consistent.

The typography needs to be easily read too. The users should not need to strain their eyes to read information. The size of the text needs to be appropriate, and the color of the font needs to be readable.

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