6 Reasons to Start Your Business Career with a BBA Degree

by Josh Biggs in Business on 11th May 2021

Fast-track your career by getting a BBA degree. A Bachelor’s of Business Administration is one of the most highly respected three- or four-year degrees you can get, and it gives you a leading edge over your non-BBA peers for a management position in large companies. Below, we’ll discuss six of the top reasons why you should start your business career by getting a BBA degree.

1. Versatility

Receiving a BBA degree doesn’t just set you on the path for your dream job, whether it’s working for a large company or starting your own business. Most bachelor’s programs prepare their students with theory-based learning, but BBA programs combine theory, practice, and personal development to create a respectable, highly-valued graduate for the business world.

BBA graduates are trained for a wide range of prospective career opportunities, including working in accounting, finance, marketing, and even human resources. Whichever sub-field you spend your credits on, you can rest assured that companies are looking for your specific skillset.

2. Decent Starting Salary with Growth Potential

Regardless of which aspect of business you specialize in, you’ll most likely earn more than your non-BBA peers right out of college. Payscale reports that the median salary for BBA holders was around $48,000 in 2019, but this doesn’t take into account the potential for growth.

BBA graduates age like wine—the longer they work in their specific field, the more fine-tuned their business intuition is. Companies place value on senior managers and analysts that can point the company toward a more profitable direction. As such, experienced employees with BBA degrees have a greater likelihood of receiving a wider range of responsibilities, which directly translates into higher pay and increased benefits.

3. Unique Networking Opportunities

A BBA degree is an unofficial prerequisite for working in the professional world. This means B-schools hone their curriculums and procedures to accept only the most promising candidates for enrollment. With this in mind, you’ll receive the unique opportunity of networking with like-minded peers who aspire to become the next CEO for a Fortune 500 company or the next billionaire entrepreneur.

Not only can you network with business-oriented classmates, but most BBA programs expose their students to the realities of the business world at an early stage of their education. Getting to know key players in top companies is an invaluable asset that BBA graduates can use to land their first job right out of college.

4. Quicker Graduation and Lower Tuition

BBA degrees can take as little as three years to obtain, which means that you’ll end up spending less to obtain a bachelor’s degree. This provides graduates with a head-start in the business world to land their dream jobs immediately after taking off their togas. You undoubtedly already know that companies are looking for qualified employees for their work environments. Well, starting your job hunt at a younger age and with a bachelor’s degree will make you stand out from other applicants.

5. Flexibility with Online BBA Programs

BBAs are one of those rare degrees that anyone can study anywhere at any time, despite their geographical limitations. Say you’re living in East Africa but are looking for a quick and easy way to earn a degree from abroad. Thanks to the internet, you can stay put at home, tend to your part-time job responsibilities, all while pursuing higher education in a world-class business school.

Numerous B-schools offer full-time BBA courses entirely online. While enrollment requirements vary from school to school and country to county, you can easily find the right online business school that caters to your exact needs. Some of the more prominent online BBA programs include the EU Business School in Switzerland, the Nexford BBA program, and the New European College in Germany.

6. Steppingstone for an MBA

While a BBA can open new doors to great opportunities, you’ll need an MBA to further your career and land the C-suite job you’ve been aiming for. A BBA degree isn’t a hard prerequisite for applying to an MBA program, but it will make you stand out more as a candidate as your degree proves to B-schools that you have mastered the basics of business.

Any professional would recommend getting your MBA if you plan on sticking to your career or transitioning into another field. However, only you can decide whether an MBA is right for your future. In many ways, a BBA might be the only degree you need to excel in the corporate world or to run your own business.

Start Your Career with a BBA Today

Even though a BBA degree doesn’t guarantee success in the marketplace, the degree certainly makes professionals shine brighter than their non-BBA counterparts. Above, we detailed six reasons why you should consider starting your business career with a BBA degree. Even if you have entrepreneurial aspirations, BBA courses can equip you with the business knowledge you need to pave a path toward financial success. 

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