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6 Surprising Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

by Josh Biggs in Mobile, Tips on 20th December 2019

The times when smartphones were used merely to call other people are long gone. There are more than 2 million apps on Google Play, which means that there are almost endless possibilities. Well, let’s be honest: endless, because there’s no way you could try out even half of them in your entire life. Now that we’ve convinced you that the numbers bigger than 1 million are actually uncountable, we’ll also show you what are the most surprising things you could do with your smartphone. Let’s go!


Measure things!

Not everyone has a measuring tape on them all the time, but around 99% of all people who have smartphones have them in their pockets. The other 1% are people who simply forgot to take their smartphones with them. Measuring things with your phone is a hit or miss because let’s be honest, 3-and-a-little-less-than-a-half-phone is a very mediocre measure of length. Not the worst, but there are definitely better. Thankfully, there is an app, SizeUp that could save your life, or at least, make it a bit easier. Can you check how long your arm is? Yes! Can you check how long the leg of your turtle is? A slightly more confused, but also yes!

Be Safe!

Do you have a habit of walking through the not-exactly-safe neighbourhoods of your city while it’s dark outside? It’s not a great habit, that’s for sure. If you are unwilling to change it, though, there is an app, bSafe that, well, won’t defend you, but it will at least inform others that you are in danger. If you happen to be threatened by someone, you can activate the “SOS” button, and your location will be sent to your loved ones. You can even get fake phone calls so that the aggressor will be dissuaded from doing something nasty.

Be safe on the road!

If you are disappointed that there aren’t any flying cars yet, perhaps being able to display a map with GPS on your windshield will somehow fill the void. You’ll need to download Hudway, and then just put your phone on the dashboard. This app also knows about the local speed limits. You’ll be gently reminded about them so that you’ll avoid paying for the ticket. But the more important reason to download this app is that you won’t be distracted by having to look elsewhere than in front of you.

Check how drunk you are!

I’m sure that you have been in this situation many times: you’ve had a couple of beers, but it was many hours ago, and right now you feel kind of sober, but feeling sober is not enough of an indication that you are actually sober. Thankfully, there is an app for this. Of course. You need to connect a device with an app, and you’ll know in just a few seconds whether you should continue drinking or whether it’s time to call it quits., assuming that the numbers on your phone could convince you to stop drinking, which is debatable. Despite its small size, it is as effective as the breathalyzer that is used by the police.

Diagnose your car!

Is your car less than perfect? Every single thing has flaws, but are the flaws of your car unusually noticeable? If you are tired of going to the mechanic every week, you could try diagnosing and fixing your car by yourself. Sure, you’ll need to know more than just the basics, but it could potentially save you a lot of time and money. With FIXD, you can check what those weird sequences of letters and numbers, like f.e. p0306 code error mean, and you’ll know what to do next in no time.

Start your car!

If you are one of those people that are always losing their keys, you should start using Viper SmartStart. It allows you to unlock your car, or start it remotely so that it will warm before your journey begins. It also allows you to lock the doors of your vehicle if you think that you may have forgotten about it!

Limitless possibilities

I’m fairly sure that some of those apps can really make a difference in your life. Sure, there is an app that allows you to mark places on the map where you’ve pooped, but some of them will positively surprise you. Sure, our overreliance on technology can sometimes be pretty scary, but if you are using those apps to make your daily life easier, and not just because you can, you’ll benefit greatly!

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