6 Ways to Encourage Your Customers to Leave You a Review

by Josh Biggs in Business on 14th July 2019

Different types of data and analytics are essential for compiling relevant information. However, nothing can compare to the direct answer from your customers. It is the most helpful tool for your future decisions. You have to know what they think about your product, service, or your company in general. But, the real question is – how to encourage them to give feedback? Here is a list of six powerful ways that will, most likely, inspire your customers to leave a review.

Feedback button on your website

The easiest way to encourage customers to leave feedback is to create a button or a comment box on your website. It is also a highly effective way since it doesn’t interrupt the user in browsing your pages. Customers will usually report those small, minor issues, and feedback boxes are great for these problems since customers usually won’t bother to reach your support team. That is the whole purpose of buttons and boxes – it is an easy way for customers to complain and tell you when something is wrong on your website.

Social media channels

Social media is maybe the most significant way of communicating with your audience. It is very efficient since a lot of your customers are already present on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. And most importantly, it is inexpensive – it costs you zero to talk to them on these channels. Always respond to comments and messages to encourage them to leave a (positive) review. Also, always be fast with your replies, especially when you are facing negative reviews. Try to fix all the problems and issues as quickly as possible.

Feedback surveys

The survey is the most popular way of getting feedback. It is easy to set up on your website or to send it to your customers via different channels. Even though people like when they can share their opinion, in most situations, they prefer shorter surveys. Ten questions should be the maximum. As we’ve mentioned, surveys are usually set up on the website, but you can also use emails or social media channels. SMS is another excellent way of conducting a useful customer satisfaction survey. Almost every customer has the phone in their pocket, and there is always a solid chance that they will answer your message.

Live chat

Live chat is an essential customer service tool since you can talk to them when they are on your website. It is a convenient way of conversation for both sides. Customers can point out all the issues, and you can react immediately to it. On top of that, the chances of sale will become much higher because the customer will see that you are responsible, fast, and reactive. You can put live chat on different pages on your website, or even on all of them. Chatbots are another excellent alternative since they provide fast answers, but still, not as good as a human.

Ask people about their interests

This is a bit different kind of feedback, but it is surprisingly effective and valuable. Create a campaign and ask people what they prefer within your company, or which product or service they adore. Benefits from these campaigns are multiple. First of all, you can target your promotions based on these results. You will also better understand your buyers’ personas and their affinities. And last, you can send them different emails based on the campaign information. Afterwards, you’ll be able to collect even more information which will further create a loyal customer base.

Customer interviews

Loyal customers would, in most cases, be happy to give feedback if you ask them since they are the ones who continually purchase your product or service. Find those areas and segments you are interested in and find customers whose profile fits your current interest. It is highly recommended to contact them personally. Not only because you want to make them feel special, but because the quality of their answers will be much higher. In the end, don’t forget to reward them with some promotional products or small gifts.

Remember one thing – your customers are your everything. You need to keep your ears open for their wishes. However, don’t wait for them to talk. Try to encourage them to leave a review with these powerful ways.

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