6 Ways to Improve Your E-Commerce Reputation

by Josh Biggs in Ecommerce on 14th January 2021

Reputation is everything when it comes to running a successful e-commerce store. Just one nasty comment can destroy everything you have worked for if it’s not handled correctly. This is why it’s crucial to make certain changes to your site, to help show that you are professional and reliable.

Below, we are going to take at some different ways to improve your e-commerce reputation.

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Use a variety of delivery methods

The one main thing that customers desire is to receive their goods as quickly as possible. By offering a range of different delivery methods, individuals can pick and choose options that suit them most. For example, you may provide a next flight out option, alongside standard and rushed services. To get started, check out ReliableCouriers who offer a vast selection, including same-day delivery.

Offer 24-hour customer service

One of the best ways to improve your website’s reputation is to offer 24-hour customer service, and this doesn’t mean you have to hire help. Chatbots can be used to provide assistance and answer the most commonly asked questions. Alongside being helpful, it saves a lot of time that you may spend on unnecessary emails.

Remove ads (or limit them)

Advertisements can certainly be a great way to generate an income at first, but it can hurt your reputation. Popups and banner ads can make customers think your website is untrustworthy, especially if there are too many of them. If you are in the situation to do so, it can be wise to remove them, but if not, try and limit them. You’ll probably notice that you make more on sales than what the ads are worth.

Post customer reviews and user-generated content

Posting customer reviews and user-generated content is one of the best ways to build up a strong reputation and will help you appear more trustworthy. For example, when an individual goes to a new site that they haven’t used before, having customer photos can show that you are reliable. If you’re having trouble getting reviews, try running a giveaway to encourage responses. It really can make a difference!

Publicly respond to complaints

Since many businesses use social media, sometimes complaints are shared publicly. While you might think it is terrible at first, you should take the opportunity to respond back in the best way possible. This way, others are seeing that you are proactive and sympathetic about the situation. Check out these other best practices to improve your store for more information.

Partner with influencers

In today’s world, influencers are one of the most effective marketing tools. These individuals (who generally already have a large following) promote your product by sharing both photos and videos. By partnering with them, you can build your reputation while sourcing new potential customers that fit your target niche. It’s a win-win!

And that’s it! These were six ways to improve your e-commerce reputation. What do you think? Are there any other tips that you would recommend?

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