7 Google AdWords Hacks To Drive Speedy Results

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 22nd November 2019

When it comes to acing your digital marketing game, you cannot rely on organic traffic alone. Paid tactics like Google AdWords make a great idea to get results faster. However, they are comparatively expensive because you are required to pay for every click, whether it yields a qualified lead or not. Obviously, you would want to fine-tune your AdWords strategy to get you the best results as quickly as possible. Though there is no proven formula for the same, there are some hacks that you can try and create a winning Google AdWords campaign. Here are some listed for you.

Maximize Quality Score

First things first, the quality score of your ad matters the most when it comes to securing a higher position and lower CPC. Obviously, you will have to pay less to get clicks and leads with a high-quality score. The chances of conversion are higher as well because your ad reaches out to qualified leads. So your focus should entirely be on improving your quality score if you want great results for your campaign. Parameters such as ad relevance and landing page experience have a significant impact on the quality score.

Stay ahead of the competition

The online domain is a highly competitive one and you cannot afford to lag behind your rivals. This applies to an AdWord campaign as well because not being on the top means that people will reach their competitors before they reach you. This is something that you would not want to happen. Your only hope is to beat the competitors and keep your PPC ads above theirs. The best way to start is by analyzing their ad copies, landing pages, and PPC strategies. Have a good look at their target keywords before deciding the ones that you want to target.

Keep track of wastage on ad spend

Keeping an eye on the wastage of your ad spend is another good idea if you are looking to create a killing AdWords campaign. You can use the Google Ads Cost Calculator tool for this purpose as it gives a clear idea about the wastage spend percentage and CPA aggressiveness score. These numbers are fairly useful for identifying the gaps in the campaign and realigning it for better results and performance.

Replicate the AdWords campaign on Bing as well

Syncing your Google AdWords campaigns across to Bing is another good idea if you want to get effective results faster. Compared to Google Ads, bids on Bing are relatively lower while the competition for keywords is less intense too. So it is easier to reach out to a bigger audience and generate more leads, even while keeping your CPC score low. The best part is that replicating your campaign on Bing is a breeze because you can use a tool to do it quickly and easily.

Invest in remarketing

Essentially, remarketing refers to a technique that enables you to show your ads contextually to the users who have already been there on your site but did not take any further action. This obviously means that these are the prospects who were once interested in your offerings. So they may still want to try them! Why not just take advantage of this intention and empower your AdWords campaign with a remarketing approach? Sounds good because your ad has a good chance of being clicked by genuine leads that were already there once and may complete the action this time!

Optimize for mobile

Whether it is organic or paid marketing, you cannot achieve success unless your campaign is optimized for mobile users. The fact that a majority of searches are done on mobile devices is something that you cannot afford to ignore. If you want to generate more leads faster, you must utilize mobile optimization as a part of your AdWords strategy. Designing responsive ads is key. Mobile-friendly CTAs and mobile-optimized landing pages are essential as well. An ad that renders seamlessly on the diverse mobile devices surely has a better chance of getting fast and effective results.

Leverage trust signals

Like any other form of marketing, AdWords to have a human factor. Building trust and relationships with the prospective buyers, therefore, is the key to making the campaign successful. The idea is to discover ways to persuade people to click and convert. The messaging in the ads and landing pages is vital. Moreover, leveraging trust signals such as positive product reviews and social proof also makes a difference. You can actually make use of the “Ad Extensions” feature for including Google reviews in your search ads.

Although Google AdWord is a financially challenging zone, the results it can bring actually make it a worthwhile investment. If you follow the right approach, you will surely get great results with the campaign and consider using it in the long-term as well!

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