by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 6th December 2020

Marketing is the driving force behind growth, expansion, and profit-maximization. The marketing department serves as the business’s official mouthpiece, working tirelessly to boost awareness regarding its products or services. More importantly, marketing endeavors allow brands to cement their identity and gain a competitive edge. 

Businesses must seek out online marketing strategies to cement their credibility and differentiate themselves from competitors. This article will explore seven dynamic marketing tactics to grow and expand your business in the online arena.

Here, take a look:

Search Engine Optimization 

Search engine optimization (SEO) takes precedence over all other strategies when it comes to enjoying digital marketing success. SEO is the art of enhancing the relevance of your website and making your content Google-friendly. 

You see, the algorithms of Google are wired to identify keywords that users seek to find information relevant to your site. It brings us to an integral aspect of SEO: keyword research. If your content does not feature keywords, it is utterly useless regardless of how fascinating it is. 

Keywords make your content relevant and encourage Google to rank your website on the first page of its search results. In short, they boost your website exposure and expand your audience through Google’s search results. Experts believe that long-tail keywords are far more effective than shorter phrases and keywords. 

Another impactful strategy to make your website Google-friendly is link building. Link building encourages other publishers, websites, and industry-focused digital magazines to incorporate your link in their content. It will help you build credibility, and Google algorithms will deem your website worthy of citation and quality. 

However, to ensure significant link building, it is crucial to check backlinks and examine their performance to measure effectiveness. It will help you obtain actionable-insights to make your link-building campaigns more productive in generating leads. 

Social Media Marketing 

Modern-day consumers do not trust brands without a flourishing and thriving social media presence. Potential consumers are highly likely to seek your brand on their preferred social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. If they fail to find you, they are likely to deem you unworthy of their trust and hard-earned money.

Why is that? You see, social media presence lends credibility to brands by allowing them to humanize their identity. Social media engagement offers numerous advantages. You can keep your audience engaged with brand offerings, marketing campaigns, and add a human element. It also expands your audience and equips you with innovative marketing tools.

For instance, Facebook and Instagram ads are a lucrative tool to expand your audience, acquire new customers, and generate leads. You can even explore the shop feature to boost sales for your e-commerce site. Facebook Live is another powerful feature that allows product and service-oriented businesses to increase audience engagement and present their offerings. 

However, to ensure success with social media marketing, it is crucial to find your target audience’s right platform. It is vital to meet your audience where they prefer and how they prefer to ensure success and higher ROIs. 

Video Marketing 

In recent years, videos have enjoyed immense popularity, and this trend will increase more dramatically. Modern-day consumers are highly selective with their time, and most don’t have the patience to read lengthy blogs. However, immersive and interactive videos offer a highly appealing format to hook their attention and boost lead conversions. 

Videos allow brands to expand and boost their audience engagement tremendously. You can explore numerous content creation initiatives. For instance, offer product tutorials and explanatory videos, interactive ads, campaigns, or even a simple live session to share your entrepreneurial journey. Virtual events and panel discussions are all the rage in the pandemic’s wake as people seek quality interactions and information. 

Influencer Marketing 

Another powerful trend to enjoy superior audience engagement, influencers allow brands to cultivate trust and credibility. Today, consumers rely on their favorite influencers for recommendations and referrals. They associate trust and reliability with an influencer’s product recommendations and distrust a brand’s advertising efforts. 

Banking on the popularity and following of an influencer is a great strategy to boost campaign exposure and product sales. You can collaborate with influencers that are ideal for your business identity and offer coupon codes to increase conversions. 

Email Marketing 

Albeit old and traditional, email marketing has withstood the pace of digital evolution and remains highly relevant and lucrative. Businesses have much to gain by incorporating email marketing into their marketing mix. It allows them to cultivate personal relationships with their consumers and offer superior value. 

By sending an email, you invade the personal space of a consumer in this smartphone-crazy world. However, offering value and immersive content is the key to boost open and click-through rates. Consumers are more attracted to emails featuring personalized subject lines, discount codes, and special offers. 

Giveaways and Contests 

Here’s an innovative strategy to expand your audience: host a contest or giveaway. Customers love the idea of free products, and giveaways are an exciting opportunity to grow your audience. You have to put together an appealing giveaway to get your audience excited and ready to enter the contest. 

You can create specific regulations, such as following all your social media accounts and tagging others. While some brands focus on their products, others seek to collaborate with multiple brands to put together an enormous prize. You can place this giveaway on your platforms or engage with an influencer to hold it on your behalf. 

Be sure to make the giveaway appealing and exciting to enjoy successful results. 

Content is KING 

Last but most certainly not least, brands must never forget that content is king. Despite all the digital innovations, unique and original content is always a winner. It is crucial to study your audience and their preferences before curating a content strategy.

While some enjoy reading informative and fascinating blogs, others prefer videos or podcasts. It is crucial to attend to the preferences of all your audience segments and niches. It will help you offer value to customers from all walks of life. 


A digital marketing strategy reaps benefits when implemented with consistency. Be it SEO, social media marketing, or content creation, consistency is vital. Without consistency, you cannot position your brand in the minds of your consumers. Modern-day digital realms are highly competitive and volatile, and your inactivity will allow your competitors to take precedence. It is ideal for mapping out a schedule to keep track of all your digital marketing initiatives. 

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