7 Reasons To Get Insurance For Your Devices

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 19th April 2021

You’ve been working hard for every gadget you’re able to buy for yourself–smartphone, music player, laptop, a new desktop computer. But who’s to say that nothing wrong will happen to any of them? If you want to protect your things from incurring any damages, you have the option to insure them as you would with your health, house, and family car. 

If you still need some convincing, the following reasons might change your mind:  

  1. Backup For Warranty 

In addition to having a warranty that covers manufacturer damages, software, and component defects, you should also have device insurance since it can cover theft and loss. Robbery can happen anywhere, whether you’re using your device while walking down the street or, basically, anywhere your guard is down. You can accidentally leave it somewhere as well, and you’ll want to replace it as soon as possible. By having an insurance policy over your gadgets, you can get enough coverage to get a new device.   

  1. Protection For School Or Work 

You may be a student who keeps all of your assignment or an office employee working on essential projects on your laptop. Your device is a significant part of your education and career, so it’s only suitable for you to purchase the amount of coverage you need and can afford on the equipment that holds your future.  

Fortunately, anyone can get laptop insurance against mechanical failure, vandalism, theft, and accidents. The premiums can only cost as low as USD$5 per year, and benefits can also include zero deductibles, no claim limits, and fast repairs, among others. With this, a student on a budget won’t have to worry about affording insurance.   

  1. Device Breaking During A Night Out 

Where there’s partying, clubbing, and dancing, there’s bound to be drinking. Night outs are a time when people can be careless. Add some alcohol to that, and mobile phone screens could drop quickly and crash. Dancing and shallow pockets susceptible to falling, too. There are cases that they get damaged for being sat on or have drinks splashed on them. 

If you regularly go out at night alone or with friends, you need to have your device insured.  

  1. You Have Expensive Gadgets With Contracts 

Are you paying for a gadget in installments, and you’re locked into a long-term contract? Either you’re using them personally or it’s essential to secure tangible assets for business purposes, your equipment can get damaged from various site attacks or both artificial and natural disasters. You don’t want your phone to get lost, stolen, broken, or get damaged. But it can happen, and you certainly don’t want to keep paying for a device and service that you can’t use anymore.  

In case of theft or loss, inform your provider immediately. But if you know that your phone has been stolen, you may have to register the theft because your insurance provider might need an incident report number for you to submit a claim.  

  1. Guaranteed Payment 

How would you rate the importance of every gadget you have? Almost everyone would have their smartphones on their person to use primarily for communication. Computers may come a close second for work. You may also have cameras for taking pictures and videos. 

No matter what happens to these gadgets, you can speak with your provider to have the damage verified as long as you have coverage. The premiums you pay are cheaper than your actual claim, which is beneficial because you’re getting more as a solution in the event that something happens.   

  1. Affordable Premiums 

Replacing your gadgets is more expensive than paying for a premium. Repairs and maintenance are costly too, especially if your device requires a specific component that the technician can’t find anywhere else. 

Paying for a monthly premium to make sure that you can file a claim and get the services you need at any time is worth it. Your provider can direct you to a partner repair shop or have your phone examined by the company itself so they can decide if it’s still repairable or not.   

  1. Crucial Part Of Financial Planning 

When your business involves equipment, it’s essential to have them insured for various reasons. They may include computers, printers, and other types of electronics. If, one day you decide to borrow money to expand your property or acquire extra equipment, insurance may be one of the requirements. Banks or lenders won’t be able to see you as a safe bet without making sure that you’re investing in the safety of your business equipment.  

If you’re operating a small business at home, your homeowners’ or renter’s insurance might cover equipment such as laptops, computers, and other devices. Take note that there are key differences to the coverages of homeowners’ and renter’s insurance depending on your dwelling.  


Your devices are essential. They keep your important files and documents for various purposes, which is why insuring them is necessary. Device insurance is fairly affordable, even for students. Inquire about device insurance from your trusted insurance carrier today.

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