7 Summer Rewards Program Ideas to Increase Customer Loyalty This Summer Period

by Josh Biggs in Marketing, Tips on 24th June 2022

This summer, implementing or elevating your brand’s customer loyalty program should definitely be on your business’ radar – especially if your team is looking to stay one step ahead of the competition while incentivising profit. For smaller or newer companies who are just learning to navigate the world of marketing successfully, knowing where to begin can seem like an intimidating prospect. If you’re looking to acquire insider knowledge in order to help your company increase customer loyalty long term, read on as provide 7 seven seasonal reward program ideas for your perusal.  

Celebrate Summer Events with Discounts

Offering relevant discounts that align with popular summer events is a great way to increase your brand’s potential profit margin, while matching the sunny mood of your clientele. Celebrating events such as Pride month or the Summer Equinox by providing consumers with sales or extra reward points that align with these holidays is always good practice.

Give Out Seasonal Rewards for Referrals 

Just one of the advantages behind customer loyalty programs stems from the way they encourage regular clientele to refer others to your brand or business. This does wonders for PR and the overall advertisement of your services, and so rewarding this behaviour by providing summer sales can go a long way.

Build or Revamp Your VIP Club

A company’s customer loyalty program or VIP club generally functions as a way to offer exclusive benefits to loyal clientele that others do not have access to. It has been proven to improve customer-client relations exponentially, which is why it is something to truly consider going forward. Advertising your VIP club via summer-based branding is a great way to incentivise a monetary increase in the coming months.

Use A Points Based System

One of the most popular methods of ensuring customer loyalty involves utilising a points based system to keep track of (and reward!) your regular client’s purchases. Taking the time to express your brand’s appreciation by doubling the points available to patrons, or offering extra customer-service benefits throughout the summer, is a super viable option here.

Offer Tiered Advantages

Tiered advantage systems are extremely effective when it comes to increasing overall customer interaction and satisfaction, which is why they’re so ubiquitous across a number of industries! Rehauling your brand’s approach to which advantages are offered and how they’re marketed to consumers is a great way to keep things fresh for summer 2022. 

Partner Up With a Summer-Based Brand

Partnering up with a related brand to offer a joint reward system is key to increasing your company’s overall financial prospects. This often underrated yet uber effective marketing tactic involves collaborating with another establishment (preferably one that aligns with a summer approach) in order to offer both businesses’ demographics additional privileges and benefits.

Make It Fun! 

Game-ify your brand’s marketing strategy this summer by making it fun for clientele to interact with your customer loyalty program. This can be achieved in a number of ways, from creating a loyalty program app that is entertaining to engage with to ranking and rewarding devoted consumers via social media likes and comments. 

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve covered the basics by suggesting a few innovative ways to optimise your brand’s summer rewards program this year, your team should have all the knowledge required to skyrocket those projected profit rates going forward. Take it easy and feel the summer flow with a more casual business approach to your reward scheme for prime results.

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