7 Ways to Use Email Marketing to Grow your Small Business

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 8th September 2019

If you want to succeed in online business, then you must devise a solid marketing strategy. Today, email marketing is the lifeline of every online company. The best way to convert a lead into a prospective buyer and a potential buyer into a repeat customer is by sending them a customized email.

Email marketing involves creating a list of prospects, clients, or subscribers whom you think would be interested in your product and then marketing your products to them regularly using conversational and interactive emails.

Businesses that have taken advantage of email marketing strategy have a better chance to succeed than those that don’t. It is a crucial tool that helps generate profitable deals and revenues when done right. Also, it enables you to grow and nurture your customer relationship, which is vital to your business growth.

Here are seven ways to use email marketing to grow your small business:

1. Create a Solid Marketing Plan

Planning your marketing campaigns is vital. To succeed in an idea, you must have a plan. A good marketing plan must have a goal and ways to attain it. Creating a marketing plan is the first step towards having successful email campaigns. You need to be clear about the things that you want to achieve and how this strategy will help you achieve them.

Finding a good marketing plan template you can follow will save you a lot of time and will help you easily structure things so you can focus on the important parts. You can easily research online for different marketing plan templates and find the one that fits you the most. A good marketing plan must have an executive summary, goals, competitors, buyer personas, key metrics, and a way to measure your results.

With a marketing plan, you can devise the right strategies to stand out against your competitors. Also, you can compare the results of your campaigns with your projected figures to know whether you have exceeded your target, hit it, or you still have room for improvement.

2. Promote your New Products or Services and Include a Relevant Call to Action

Launching an email campaign is the best way to introduce your products to your prospective customers. If you have a list of the email address of your prospects, then you can create and send via email a list outlining the benefits of your products or services. If you keep sending them information to help them learn more about what you offer and its usefulness to them, they will eventually make a purchase.

Offering a discount is another way to entice prospective customers. You can create an exclusive discount coupon for those that buy from you within a particular period. However, avoid too many creating calls to action in a single email as that would drive some of your prospects away. Create just a single irresistible call to action for every new product or service that you are offering.

3. Build Customer Loyalty

Listening to your clients and responding to their concerns helps entrepreneurs build customer loyalty. Sending informative emails is one of the most efficient ways to establish long-term customers’ relationships. With an email campaign, you can share your business values, share customer success stories, and send quality content as a way of reinforcing how much you care about your customers.

You can send an NPS survey through the emails as well to gather insightful data and to understand your audience better. The data can help you gauge the levels of customer satisfaction, which may help predict the growth and the future of your business.

4. Automate your Follow-ups

If you own a small business or you are a marketing manager, you may at some point be forced to juggle multiple tasks which can be quite overwhelming. This may lead to poor communication with your prospective buyers.

Marketing automation is the way to go. This comes in handy if you always communicate similar information to each prospect, for example, when sending recurring reminder email campaigns. You can use Gmail automation tool to handle the task of sending the emails on your behalf. This will keep your prospective buyers well informed even when you are away.

5. Turn LinkedIn Connections into Customers

Social media platforms can be an excellent location to get business leads. You can grow your business if you convert these leads to customers.

The LinkedIn platform is one of the best platforms to harvest leads. You can use the LinkedIn email extractor to gather email addresses of prospective customers. Then, after you have the email addresses, you can send email campaigns to convert the leads into customers.

6. Create a Website and Convert Website Visitors to Customers.

Creating a website is another way to attract new business. You may get a bunch of visitors if you optimize your website. Why not turn these visitors into customers through email marketing?

You can do so by creating authentic and top-notch content that targets visitors in your specific niche. Then, offer free items for those who subscribe to your newsletter or use an irresistible opt-ins to attract email subscribers. After you have email addresses, you can send emails to grow and nurture your relationship with your prospective buyers.

Creating the right email campaigns to offer tips and send relevant content to your email subscribers can create a considerable impact on your bottom line. If you send monthly, weekly, or daily tips or newsletters, you can generate more traffic to your website. Eventually, this will have an impact on your sales and revenues.

7. Organize a Contest

Organizing a contest is an effective strategy for generating email addresses for your business. Create an exciting competition in your niche where every contestant who wants to participate must subscribe to your emails.

Use email to communicate with contestants and at the same time to promote your products and services in the process. Contests are a great weapon, especially when targeting the B2C customer base.


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