8 Cutting-Edge Features to Look For in a Virtual Meeting Software

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 29th June 2021

COVID-19 has changed how people go about their daily lives. To mitigate the spread of the deadly virus, businesses needed to be shut down, with some businesses closing shops permanently. 

Businesses that survived have adapted to the change and adapted to the remote working environment for their employees. Work from home arrangements were made to help employees continue working for their companies. 

As a result of the need for working remotely, many software companies have developed different online platforms for work, including virtual meeting software

However, with the rise of popularity of virtual meeting applications comes a downside – there are too many platforms to choose from. Moreover, the number of participants who can join such virtual meetings at a time is limited.

Zuddl is a new-age virtual meeting platform where you can host virtual meetings, conferences, events, and more for 1000 or more people at once. Physical distance is no longer a reason to limit your networking potential with people in and out of your organization when you use Zuddl. 

Key Features of a Great Virtual Meeting Platform

There is no perfect virtual platform that will be suitable for all types of business. Some businesses may need to have added features customized for their industry. Nevertheless, if you are in the market for quality virtual meeting software, here are some of the key features you must consider.

High-Definition Video (HD Video)

It would not be very pleasant to attend a virtual meeting where some of your colleagues have pixelated videos. While unreliable internet connections often cause pixelated videos, it is best to choose a virtual conferencing platform to deliver HD videos. 

Likewise, companies should require their employees’ minimum hardware requirements such as webcams of at least 1080p resolution quality and minimum bandwidth so that everybody in the meeting will not appear blurry.


The virtual platform must be accessible through mobile phones or tablets. Employees in the field may not be able to locate a computer shop or find a Wi-Fi hotspot. A good virtual conferencing application should allow employees to use their tablets or smartphones to join your meeting. 

Likewise, it would be best if the software can run using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi. Some virtual meeting platforms allow mobile users to dial in to join the meeting without the video feature turned on. This feature is useful for employees with low bandwidths.

Built-In Recording

One important must-have feature for virtual conferencing software is the built-in recording feature. You can record your meeting and save it for repeated viewings, especially for training sessions. Likewise, recordings may allow you to go back to anything that you have missed during the meeting.

Screen Sharing

The ability to share your screen should be a top feature to consider. Screen sharing will allow participants to share their knowledge and expertise with your group. However, it is best to choose virtual conferencing software that allows the host to control who gets to share their screen to prevent multiple users from sharing their screen simultaneously.

Scheduling and Calendar Support

A good virtual conferencing platform should sync with any online calendar that you are using. This feature will help you schedule your meetings and remind you when a meeting is about to start. Likewise, the application should also let employees RSVP to a meeting so that the host will know the total number of attendees beforehand. It is best for the conferencing software to remind users about upcoming meetings through emails or SMS.

User-Friendly Interface

Some employees may not be so techno-savvy and may have a hard time figuring out how to use virtual conference software. Therefore, it is important to choose software that has a user-friendly interface that involves a low learning curve so that everybody can figure out how to use them immediately.


The best virtual conferencing software should be scalable to the requirements of your company to make it cost-effective. For example, suppose your company needs a good meeting software for only 50 employees. In that case, the software provider must scale their product to your specific requirements so that your company will not have to pay for features that you are not going to use.

After Sales Support. It is best to choose a virtual meeting software provider that focuses on customer experience (CX) and offers reliable after-sales support.

Virtual meeting software has become a necessity for companies. It is best to choose software that will offer you the features that your company will need at a budget that is in line with your expectations. 

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